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– OpenERP Review

Product Snapshot


Basic version is free, and professional version pricing begins at 165€/month.


Software-as-a-service, on-premise

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and medium-sized businesses.

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About OpenERP 7

- OpenERP OpenERP is an open-source ERP solution that supports companies in the areas of CRM, accounting, POS, project management, warehouse management, HR, manufacturing, and marketing. You can freely customize the program’s UI and business process rules or employ one of over 700 add-on modules. While the basic version of the product is free, you can purchase a pay version for support, access to private modules, bug fixes, backups, and maintenance services.

About OpenERP
Founded in 2005, OpenERP workers with over 400 partners in over 70 countries. Each day, 1,500 people on average provide contributions to the open-source software. The company has offices in Belgium, California, and India.

OpenERP 7 Key Features

  • Free basic version
  • Open-source functionality allows customization
  • Over 700 add-on modules are available
  • Premium versions include support, bug fixes, backups, and maintenance
  • Facilitates work force collaboration with integrated chat, shared pads, and sharable scheduler
  • WMS tracks inventory transaction history and is compatible with user-defined automatic restocking level
  • Time sheet, expense, and employee data tracking
  • Manages supplier invoices and POs
  • Marketing campaign automation
  • Program application builder makes it easy to customize each OpenERP module
  • Easy payment management and invoice reconciliation
  • Easy sales order, quotes, and invoice generation and conversion
  • Accurate sales forecasts with in-program business intelligence engine

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