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Priority Pro Review

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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with companies of all sizes and across multiple industries.

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Ultimat Frame, GSM Automotive, Stan Chem International, Inspiration Healthcare, Dunlop Systems and Components


About Priority Pro

Priority Pro Priority Pro is ERP software that facilitates all business aspects such as financial management, HR procedures, supply chain management, customer relationship management and production processes. The platform is designed to be adaptive to company systems and workflows, accessible via multiple devices including tablets and smartphones, and is built on an architecture that allows for development and customization via a full-fledged SDK and standard APIs.

The software is built on an HTML 5 interface in order to provide employee and manager access from any location. Additionally, the platform is equipped to provide uses with drill-down reports utilizing aggregated data, and is designed to be implemented without a dedicated IT team or increased operational costs.

About the Company

Priority Software was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Israel.


Priority Pro Key Features

  • Real-time report generation tools
  • Includes 30+ pre-defined, multi-dimensional dashboards
  • Supports multiple companies and multiple languages
  • Customizable system to match business rules, forms, reports and menus
  • Transferable data to external applications


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  • Sandra Smit

    If your business needs assistance with strategising, stock control and supply
    chain management, then you may benefit from the range of software programs
    provided by Priority Software.

    Offering three main ERP products, the company are able to help you tailor your software to suit the needs of your company, from Priority Enterprise, which is agile and hard-working, suitable for companies working internationally, and providing the best return on investment for companies like this. The Priority Pro is able to provide you with a business management solution if you are a medium-sized business that needs help with planning and staff infrastructure. For smaller businesses, Zoom can help you focus on what your company needs, and affordable management solutions to suit the smaller company.

    Whatever size your business, Priority Solutions will help your company to manage your work more efficiently, streamline payments and management, and ensure that your financial reports are always there and always on time. You can also obtain a number of high-quality reports that will allow you to assess the current functioning of your business.

    With excellent service and a high-quality performance, Priority Software products are able to bring your company into the modern age, and can make streamlining your business, from supply chain to sales targets, much easier for your business. Their experience and knowledge in ERP solutions will also help you to work effectively with the software they provide for your business.