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SIA Common Sense ERP Review

Product Snapshot


SIA Common Sense ERP is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

SIA works with small and mid-sized companies in the fields of wholesale distribution, retail, transportation and manufacturing.

About SIA Common Sense ERP

SIA Common Sense ERPSIA Common Sense ERP is a complete ERP system that can work across various industries. In addition to accounting and warehouse management functionality, the software carries modules for CRM, HR and supply chain management. Common Sense is programmed to integrate with various technologies, including Domino, email, Java and various other IBM products. This product is made for the North American market and supports English, French and tax codes for Canada and the USA.

About SIA
For over 30 years, SIA has been working with IBM to provide software solutions to companies. All of SIA’s products are powered by IBM systems and software.

SIA Common Sense ERP Key Features

  • ERP system for SMB companies
  • Accounting module supports payroll, financials and orders
  • Distribution module handles pricing, commissions and transportation logistics
  • Transportation module covers fleet management, maintenance and dispatching
  • Project services module handles job costing and project management
  • Supply chain management module works with suppliers for purchasing and with customers to gauge demand
  • CRM module manages contacts, campaigns, quotes and leads
  • HR module outlines enterprise goals and keeps tabs on employee skills
  • Built on and run by IBM technology
  • Made for the North American market

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