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– Tailwind Moving and Storage Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with transportation and logistics companies of all sizes.

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Tailwind Moving and Storage

- Tailwind Moving and StorageTailwind Moving and Storage is robust ERP software solution with numerous operations and administration features. This program can help your transportation business handle HR, transportation, order, supply chain and accounting tasks. More specifically, you can store your quotes and orders, manage vehicles and workers, track shipments, generate revenue reports, manage customer credit and much more. Tailwind Moving and Storage is compatible with a number of optional modules that provide assistance with mapping, web tracking, online backups and GPS tracking.

About the Company
Boasting a team with a total of over 104 years of industry experience, Tailwind develops technical solutions for the transportation industry. The company aims to maximize your revenue and drive down your costs. Tailwind has dozens of client partners, including Shell, Rand McNally, Intuit and many more.

Tailwind Moving and Storage Features

  • Robust ERP software
  • Handles and automates certain processes in quoting, managing orders and dispatching
  • Organizes vendor information with the ability to set up notifications for vendor-specific bills and dispatches
  • Manage and track workers, drivers and vehicles
  • Plan and track individual shipments
  • Accounting features including invoicing, bills and accounts payable
  • Generates customizable reports
  • Stores and organizes POD images
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Sage, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Dynamics and numerous third party modules
  • Convert work orders from sales orders and invoices

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