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TrackerRMS Support Tracker Review

Product Snapshot


Prices are based on a single user interface.

  • £20 per month/£200 per annum (Basic)
  • £40 per month/£400 per annum (Professional)
  • £60 per month/£600 per annum (Enterprise)

TrackerRMS Support Tracker delivers their solutions via the Web, without the need for on-site installation. In general, if the PC runs Windows XP, then it is suitable for TrackerRMS.

Customer Focus

TrackerRMS Support Tracker is a customizable, feature-rich solution that is ideal for small to midsized businesses operating in a broad range of industry sectors.

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The Nielsen Company

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About TrackerRMS Support Tracker

TrackerRMS Support TrackerTrackerRMS Support Tracker is built with a suite of applications to help businesses better manage ongoing customer support and interaction. TrackerRMS Support Tracker contains rich features to help organizations improve their support processes with a bundle of tools packaged into a cost-effective solution set. TrackerRMS Support Tracker is customizable to suit your unique needs, ensuring that you can effectively manage and resolve requests from your clients.

About TrackerRMS
Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, England, TrackerRMS is dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their organizational needs by providing powerful yet cost effective business applications. Their product portfolio includes robust solutions in cloud CRM, project management, recruitment, and ticket management. TrackerRMS solutions do not require any additional software to be implemented, increasing business efficiency and maximizing ROI.

TrackerRMS Support Tracker Key Features

Support Portal
  • Quickly and easily register your clients to your online portal
  • Instantly feed online ticket submissions into the queue to ensure that no request or issue is missed
  • Connects to your website with a simple line of HTML code
  • See a complete history of old and current tickets

Development Tracking

  • Send tickets for feature requests or bugs to your development teams, using your own development cycles to assign and resolve the ticket
  • View the amount of time assigned resources use to work on tickets, gaining insight into areas that require more support

Ticket Management

  • Customize and adjust ticket types to your business needs
  • Set priorities for tickets that show its importance and the service level needed
  • Customize service levels based on urgency
  • Create a “Last Updated” field to view a complete history of all ticket activity


  • Build standard templates to achieve consistency in all client communications
  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate individual or department
  • Receive alerts when a ticket has been assigned or changed
  • Process inbound emails and associate them with the corresponding ticket

Solution Intelligence

  • Access a database of information covering existing tickets
  • Share common support issues and publish resolved tickets to the SupportPortal for easy access
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail of the ticket lifecycle
  • Associate tickets to a contact or account

  • TrackerRMS is built on a SQLServer database infrastructure, allowing you to customize and scale the solution to your unique business processes.
  • As a component-based solution, businesses can choose the main areas of functionality they need, allowing for a quick return on investment.
  • TrackerRMS is built with robust security features, and your data is backed up every day with a copy stored both on-site and off-site.

TrackerRMS is truly an all-in-one solution with features that answer the needs of your sales, marketing, and support teams. TrackerRMS Support Tracker provides powerful collaboration tools to improve the workflow within and between departments, ensuring that client requests are efficiently handled. As a web-based solution, TrackerRMS Support Tracker is a flexible solution that is easy to use and tailor to your business.

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