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– TrackerRMS Support Tracker Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small to midsize businesses operating in a broad range of industry sectors.

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The Nielsen Company


About TrackerRMS Support Tracker

- TrackerRMS Support Tracker TrackerRMS Support Tracker is built with a suite of applications to help businesses better manage ongoing customer support and interaction. The platform contains rich features to help organizations improve their support processes with a bundle of tools packaged into a cost-effective solution set.

The software is customizable to suit any user- or company-specific unique needs, ensuring that users can effectively manage and resolve requests from clients. Additionally, the platform allows users to build and utilize custom client communication templates, provides users with a database of all information for existing tickets, and processes inbound emails as well as associates them with the corresponding ticket.

About the Company

TrackerRMS was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Encinitas, California.


TrackerRMS Support Tracker Key Features

  • Quickly and easily register clients to online portal
  • Instantly feed online ticket submissions into the queue to ensure that no request or issue is missed
  • Connects to the user’s website with a simple line of HTML code
  • See a complete history of old and current tickets
  • Send tickets for feature requests or bugs to development teams, using the user’s own development cycles to assign and resolve the ticket
  • View the amount of time assigned resources use to work on tickets, gaining insight into areas that require more support
  • Customize and adjust ticket types to business needs
  • Set priorities for tickets that show its importance and the service level needed
  • Customize service levels based on urgency
  • Create a “Last Updated” field to view a complete history of all ticket activity


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