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How Can Customizable CRM Help Various Industries?

A business without a custom CRM is like a kid trying to wear his father’s shoes, which never seem to […]

Startup Planner

Startup planner is an AI powered agile product management tool that aims to help entrepreneurs build their products, starting from the discovery stage and continuing through ideation, development, prelaunch, launch, and the growth to mature stage. The platform provides users with product development process visibility and strategies, and enabling companies to build intuitive and market-fit products that has a competitive edge over its competitor.

Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness with Business Management Software

Every business sells either products or services to their customers. No matter the type of sale though, more sales equals […]


CosmoLex is cloud-based law practice management software that integrates trust and business accounting, time tracking, billing, email and document management, and tasks and calendaring, in a single application. The platform is a web-based system accessible via PC, Mac, tablets and mobile phones, is equipped with automated legal billing tools that capture time and expenses, and provides users with a secure client portal for managing all client communications.

How AI & Automation Are Transforming Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated software are changing the way that companies around the globe deal with communication, production and […]

Ascensio System SIA ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service

ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service is online productivity and document management software that provides users with online document editing and management, a mail server for creating corporate mailboxes, CRM, project management, calendar and community functionalities. The platform allows users to share documents in read-only, review or full access formats, is equipped with a mail aggregator that connects all email accounts to a single system, and provides users with the tools to build a customer database, manage business processes, analyze deals and track sales.

Building Long Lasting Client Relationships – 5 Tips to Get Started

The average web user is exposed to 500+ advertisements a day. Consider that almost 350 blog posts are published every […]

How to Outrank Your Competitor’s Conversion Rate

A common complaint for businesses that are trying to establish an online presence is that they cannot beat the top […]

7 Business Writing Tools for Every Entrepreneur

Are you looking to invest in business tools so that you’re able to take your business to another level? A […]

Kepion Integrated Planning Platform

Kepion Integrated Planning Platform is business performance management software that integrates planning, budgeting and forecasting functionalities with analytics, scorecards and dashboards. The platform allows users to works to optimize cross-team and inter-office collaboration and communication processes.