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Top 3 Female Founded Tech Startups

Women’s empowerment continues to be one of today’s most talked about subjects. It’s hard to watch the news, visit social […]

Virool for Advertisers

Virool for Advertisers is native video advertising and programmatic video distribution software that provides users with granular targeting technology from a company-built proprietary DMP of 450MM audience profiles. The platform is customizable match user- and company-specific needs, provides real-time analytics and supports multiple add-ons and integrations.

– Kenshoo Local

Kenshoo Local is a marketing automation software solution that is designed to maintain marketing campaigns at a local level. Users start out by designing campaigns with the help of a software wizard and campaign templates. The program can then target campaign messages towards specific geographic segments and manage all ad bids and budgets.

– Kenshoo SmartPath

Kenshoo SmartPath is a marketing automation software solution that works with ad bidding platforms to adjust all bids for marketing campaigns. The program automatically creates a bidding model based on past campaign performance and can go live with all currently active ads. As viewers interact with ads, the system can automatically adjust bids to favor ads with the highest conversion rates. Meanwhile, users can track all campaign budgeting and spending and view forecasts for future campaigns.

DuckDuckGo: The Anonymous Search Engine You’ll Love

Though DuckDuckGo’s 3 million searches per day are dwarfed by Google’s respective 13 billion, DuckDuckGo is in fact supported by advertising. Find out if this anonymous search engine is right for your paid search marketing campaigns.

Criteo Predictive Search

Criteo Predictive Search is search marketing software that focuses on improving online sales through Google Shopping by optimizing feed data, machine learning, and campaign and reporting activities in AdWords. The platform evaluates all feed data such as product-level attributes and historical values to ensure continuous optimization, as well as integrates user, product, device and intent data to user lists in order to identify ideal ad bids.

ReTargeter Audience Targeting

ReTargeter Audience Targeting is a paid search marketing software solution that brings actionable intelligence to online ad campaigns. The program has access to a number of data silos that contain profiles for millions of online users. Users can then set up parameters for the audiences they are trying to reach and target their ad campaigns to these segments.

Paid Search: Positively Using Negatives

One area of digital marketing where confusion is clearly present is on the topic of negative match types in search campaigns. Often, within a single account, keyword organization and match type utilization on bidded keywords appears thoughtful and calculated, but negatives reveal quite the opposite.

Facebook Advertising Influence on Paid Search Success

As Facebook advertising has experienced incredible growth, many marketers have wondered – what’s the value of advertising on this site? This blog post from Levelwing’s Tori Theiss looks at how investing in advertising on Facebook can influence the effectiveness of your paid search ad campaigns.

IBM EMM Search Marketing

IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Search Marketing software is pay-per-click marketing management software designed to facilitate data-driven decision making processes, A/B testing, result confidence and streamlined workflows across multiple search engines. The platform is an aspect of the Corematics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite, enables users to run marketing campaigns across multiple channels and devices, and provides users with advanced segmentation capabilities for paid-search performance results.