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Simplaex is app retargeting software that runs on artificial intelligence and is designed to build programmatic advertisting ecosystems. The platform works through millions of data points in order to analyze results and create user segments based on demographics, interests and preferences, delivers ads based on real-time bidding, and works to drive user interactions by publishing ads with deep links.

Marin Software Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is retargeting software that facilitates retargeting processes for mobile, web, Facebook and personalized product ads. The platform is equipped with a rule-based tag manager that utilizes a single tracking code, conversion tracking tools that tracks clicks and views conversions, sale value and order ID, and revenue tracking capabilities that compares revenue against daily ad spend.

– eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting

eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting is a retargeting software solution that works across multiple channels to gain behavioral insights on website visitors. As prospects enter a website, the program enters them into a database and shows them retargeting ads as they continue to browse the Internet.

– Chango Twitter Tailored Audiences

Chango Twitter Tailored Audiences is a retargeting software solution that works across Twitter to help bring in new conversions. As potential customers visit and leave a company website, the program takes note of their presence and enters them into a database.

ReTargeter Site Retargeting

ReTargeter Site Retargeting is a retargeting software solution that helps companies win conversions by leveraging its access to over 98% of all online advertising networks. After a visitor leaves a company site and fails to make a conversion, the program displays a retargeting ad to the visitor during regular online browsing.

– Chango Programmatic Video

Chango Programmatic Video is a retargeting software solution that works across video streaming channels from premium publishers. The program features a 400+ million Internet user database with behavioral profiles for each person. Using these profiles, the system can stream video pre-rolls to these people whenever they load online videos based on their specific interests.

ReTargeter CRM Retargeting

ReTargeter CRM is a retargeting software solution that can display retargeting ads to people companies have had interactions with. At the start, users can upload a list of lead emails that comes from data forms and/or a CRM database. The program can then cross-reference these emails against an extensive online database that shows each email owner’s personal interests and behaviors.

– Chango Facebook Exchange Targeting

Chango Facebook Exchange Targeting is a retargeting software solution that works across Facebook to showcase retargeting ads to viewers. At the start, the program analyzes 400+ million Internet users’ browsing and search engine histories. When these people log into Facebook, the system displays newsfeed and sidebar ads to them based on their interests.

– ReTargeter for Facebook

ReTargeter for Facebook is a retargeting software solution that works across the Facebook ad network. As visitors head to a company website and fail to make conversions, the program takes note of their presence and develops retargeting ads for their Facebook news feeds and sidebars.

– Chango Programmatic Display

Chango Programmatic Display is a retargeting software solution that works across a number of different online channels to boost conversion rates. As viewers head to a company’s website, the program analyzes viewers’ online behaviors and enters the ones who are most likely to make conversions into a database.