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Repsly is sales enablement software designed to increase sales, improve brand visibility, support retail-focused workflows, collect and organize data, and to build accountability. The platform is mobile accessible so that sales teams can access the system from the field, organizes all sales team activities for better pipeline visibility, and provides access to forms and audits companies can use to assess how their brand is being represented.


WHUT is sales enablement software that empowers sales teams to become more efficient by providing them with content, resources and references for elevating customer experiences, such as a full content library, a branded environment, custom dashboards, latest offer showcases, advanced search tools and customizable view filters. The platform streamlines the content publishing and collateral updating processes, centralizes sales and marketing materials, and provides users with customizable content filers, categories and tags for improved content organization.

Adjustable Computer Desk

Looking for a custom designed Rack, Cabinets, wire organizer, adjustable computer desk, computer supply store or anything in between, Rackfinity […]


SalesHandy is sales enablement software that facilitates communication and utilizes analytic reporting to interpret the engagement level of prospects. The platform allows users to run personalized email campaigns, integrates with Gmail and Outlook and provides desktop notifications concerning sales lead activities.

Tips for Navigating MarTech Landscape’s Largest Category

[Editor’s note: Originally it was stated that “According to a report by Ringlead, 10% of a sales rep’s week is spent […]


Bsharp is a cloud-based sales enablement solution that provides users with the means for sales teams to review details on customers, meetings and other relevant information while on the go. The platform combines training tools, analytics and real-time field data so that users can effectively track and improve both individual and team performance.

What Is Sales Acceleration and Why Is It DF15’s Buzzword?

The buildup to the annual Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco is electric. With fresh billboards along the 101, an endless cascade of trending topics and list after list of this year’s ‘it’ software segment, you can definitely feel the energy buzzing around Silicon Valley. This year, one of those conference buzzwords is sales acceleration. Not unlike the Pumpkin Spice Latte, sales acceleration as a concept isn’t new, yet the software world seems completely captivated with idea. Before we take a look at the leading sales acceleration companies taking over Dreamforce, we need to fully understand what the segment is and why it’s gaining so much traction in the market.

When You Need Sales Enablement Software

Knowing the right time and situation to execute a sales enablement solution can end up meaning the difference between a success or failure for your business.


6Sense is marketing and sales enablement software that focuses on predictive analytics, omni-channel connectivity and demand visibility. The platform provides users with time-based activity data to indicate where prospects lay within the buying cycle, identifies accounts and contacts to target, and assesses the value of potential sales deals.

– The TAS Group Dealmaker

The TAS Group Dealmaker is a sales enablement software solution that can identify potential customer sales and shorten the sales cycle. The program runs through all open opportunities to find the most profitable ones and coaches reps on how to approach key customer procurement officials.