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9 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Live Chat on Your Site

A Website is the online identity of your business. It ought to be interactive to hold a customer’s attention and […]

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Customer service is one of the most influential brand differentiators. It has the power to retain purchasers or to chase […]

– Banckle Live Chat App for Shopify

Banckle Live Chat app for Shopify is a customer service software solution for Shopify store owners to provide live customer support to their visitors using this app. Through this app, you can provide virtual reception to your online visitors which performs many e-commerce website tasks such as greeting your online visitors with customized message, invite them to view different sections, promote your best products and encourage them to provide you with their feedback.

– LiveOps Social

LiveOps Social is a social support software solution that allows service agents to handle customer cases across social media and mobile channels. Each time a customer issues a complaint on a company’s social media page, the program notifies the company’s customer service team.

– Zimbra Community

Zimbra Community is a help desk software solution that allows users to work together and solve cases through collaboration. Each time a case comes in, users can message each other in an attempt to resolve it. For instance, users can search through the program database by text, manage all accounts from a central hub and send out rewards to the most helpful assistants.


HelpOnClick is a customer support software solution that can integrate with a number of CMS platforms. The platform allows users to work with a live chat tool where agents can effectively communicate with website visitors in real-time, and the product integrates with social media channels to provide updates to the user base.


CurationSoft is an online content sharing platform designed for dedicated bloggers whose goal is to circulate as much content as possible amidst their audience. The platform allows users to search across Google Blog, YouTube, Wikipedia and other similar sites for content to post across any social media platform.

– Vitrue Social Relationship Management Platform

Oracle Vitrue Social Relationship Management is a business intelligence platform designed to position a business to enable social across an enterprise. The software’s UI is available in over 36 languages, can listen in more than 28 languages. The application has expanding coverage of global data sources with customizable workflows for team collaboration.

– Sword Ciboodle Crowd

Sword Ciboodle Crowd is an online community solution that connects you directly to your customers. Drawing on the strengths of online communities, this social CRM platform allows your agents to help and interact with your customers over blogs and forums.

7 Best Practices for Delivering Superior Customer Support via Live Chat

Live chat’s bubble is on the rise. LogMeIn and the e-tailing group have released the Fourth Annual BoldChat Live Chat Effectiveness report which shows one in five shoppers prefer online chat over any other communication method. Featured here are seven best practices for offering a superior live chat customer experience