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– LiveOps Social

LiveOps Social is a social support software solution that allows service agents to handle customer cases across social media and mobile channels. Each time a customer issues a complaint on a company’s social media page, the program notifies the company’s customer service team.

– LiveOps Email

LiveOps Email is a customer service software solution that works across email to help service agents resolve customer cases. Each time a customer sends a message for help, the program routes the message to the agent with the best-suited skill set and pulls up the customer’s complete history of interactions with a company. This history encompasses activities across all online channels.

– LiveOps Chat

LiveOps Chat is an application built on the LiveOps platform that allows your contact center agents to converse with web visitors in real time using web chat and email tools. The software can be embedded onto your website and accessed by prospects with one click.

LiveOps Voice

LiveOps Voice is a multi-channel agent desktop and phone application built on the LiveOps platform. It gives call center agents a web-based panel for making and routing inbound and outbound calls.

LiveOps Platform

The LiveOps Platform improves the quality of the user’s customer experiences by providing the largest cloud-based contact center in the world.

About LiveOps Call Center Software

With LiveOps call center software, customers can rapidly scale up call center infrastructure when they need it and reduce it when they don’t and have the flexibility to respond quickly to business changes.