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– LiveOps Chat Review

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LiveOps Chat pricing begins at $60 for the basic plan. Pricing is based on concurrent users per month.


This software is a software-as-a-service solution

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This software works for businesses of all sizes.

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About LiveOps Chat

- LiveOps Chat LiveOps Chat is an application built on the LiveOps contact center platform that allows your contact center agents to converse with web visitors in real time using web chat tools. The software can be embedded onto your website and accessed by prospects with one click. Live chat sessions with your agents help reduce the total volume of calls, which in turn gives customers more immediate help and improves satisfaction and conversion rates.

About LiveOps
LiveOps was founded in 2000 to create a new business model around the call center. By using the power of cloud computing, they created technology able to handle the unexpected fluctuations in call center volume. Today, LiveOps is a California-based company that serves more than 250 corporations around the globe, including big names such as, Symantec, and Amway.

LiveOps Chat Features

  • Easily integrates into your CRM and website
  • Determine which agents can start chat sessions and which sessions have most priority
  • Built-in spell check tool and manager screening of chat responses
  • Ability to use reply templates for consistent responses
  • Monitor and track agents’ performance
  • Generate reports on all interactions within your system


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