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Oracle ERP Cloud

About Oracle ERP Cloud Oracle ERP Cloud manages all your day-to-day business activities, including accounting, financial management, project management, and […]

David or Goliath: A 2017 Overview of the Leading CRM Vendors

Back in the Summer of 2014, we shared a blog post titled David or Goliath: A 2014 Overview of the […]

Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle Transportation Management is a transportation management software solution that focuses on reducing costs associated with delivering goods to customers. When customer orders come in, the program can optimize all outgoing shipment routes and create documentation compliant with shipping companies’ policies. As companies continue to expand in growth, users can configure workflows and processes at an enterprise-scale and automate data entry tasks.

Oracle CPQ Cloud

Oracle CPQ Cloud is a CPQ software solution that allows users to work throughout the order lifecycle from any location. As users log in to generate quotes, the program highlights all data entry errors, ensures that all sales information is correct and identifies upsell opportunities. All quote data is then transported to a branded file and goes out to the customer. If the customer agrees on a quote, users can convert it into an order, submit all data to a third party ERP platform and start the fulfillment process.

Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit

Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) is an application development software solution that designs embedded and mobile device apps. The program is built around a JavaScript SDK in which users can write, edit and compile code. Once an app is ready for testing, users can load it into a simulated native mobile device environment to see how it performs.

Oracle Enterprise Manager APM

Oracle Enterprise Manager APM is an IT infrastructure monitoring software solution that works with applications to reduce their downtime. The program monitors all IT activity in real-time and logs each and every user transaction.

Oracle Eloqua Social Marketing

Oracle Eloqua Social Marketing is a social media management software solution that allows users to monitor, engage and manage their online communities. Users can run full social media marketing campaigns and target messages towards a number of individual follower segments.

Oracle RightNow Contact Center Experience

Oracle RightNow Contact Center Experience is a CRM software solution that provides agents with comprehensive, consistent information on all contacts. The program automatically processes all contact interactions from a variety of online channels and logs them down inside a database.

Oracle RightNow Web Experience

Oracle RightNow Web Experience is a CRM and customer service software solution that helps users solve client issues and identify sales opportunities, all through online chat windows. Each time a customer interacts with a company or makes a purchase, the program notes this action down in a database.

Oracle Business Process Management Suite

Oracle Business Process Management Suite is a set of BPM software solutions that handles all processes throughout their lifecycles at an enterprise level. The program can integrate with virtually any type of existing process and has tools to assist with process modeling.