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The WOW Guide to Providing Amazing Customer Service During the Holiday Rush

At, we talked to support managers taking on the holidays this year to understand how they empowered their teams to provide amazing customer service.

– Salesforce Radian6 Summary Dashboard

Salesforce Radian6 Summary Dashboard runs across millions of social media conversations and summarizes how well your company’s brand is fairing, all on a single screen.

– Salesforce a task management software solution that provides users with a social productivity platform equipped with the tools for businesses to complete tasks in a collaborative, centralized way. The platform can be used with any internet browser or any Android phone

– Radian6 Engagement Console

Salesforce Radian6 Engagement Console is a platform for interacting with your customers via social media. This software works across social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, blogs, online forums, news outlets, and social news sites to capture millions of posts daily.

– ExactTarget SocialEngage

ExactTarget SocialEngage provides you with Twitter and Facebook tools designed to help you manage your company brand to your social media followers.

Social Sales ebook: A Prerequisite to #winning

To determine which type of sales rep is mostly likely to succeed in the current economy, Corporate Executive Board asked over 450 first line sales managers to assess three of their direct reports (two core performers and one high performer) across 44 different attributes covering areas such as attitudes, skills, behaviors, activities, and knowledge.

7 Practical Sales Tips

These days, nobody goes it alone. We all need a helping hand, a few words of encouragement, or a new technique to help us close a tough deal. That’s where this ebook can help.

– Salesforce ExactTarget Email Marketing

Salesforce ExactTarget Email Marketing allows companies to control data-driven campaigns and facilitate communications to increase revenue and customer engagement. Review

Companies evaluating CRM software will find plenty of reasons to choose it. offers a powerful combination of performance, functionality, and affordability to help businesses significantly enhance their customer-facing operations.

Small Business Management Software: Case Studies of Successful Implementations

Learn how small business management software including CRM systems and ERP in a variety of industries has helped companies around the world compete more effectively in the marketplace.