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How Distribution Software Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Why Distribution Software Can Equal Happy Customers

A top distribution software system offers powerful features and functions designed to deliver many significant benefits to companies of all sizes – reduced overhead costs, improved communication and collaboration with business partners, greater visibility into core operations, and increased staff productivity. But, perhaps the greatest value that a distribution software package can provide is a sharp rise in customer satisfaction and loyalty. With distribution software, companies can build stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients.

Just how does a distribution software application help to boost customer service and retention?

More Accurate and Precise Stock Levels
Distribution software solutions can improve the processes associated with inventory tracking, management, and replenishment. By achieving greater visibility into stock levels across multiple warehouses and storage facilities – and therefore, placing re-orders with suppliers in a timelier manner – companies can avoid the stock-outs and shortages that can lead to delivery delays. This, in turn, accelerates order fulfillment and improves on-time performance – key factors for ensuring satisfied and loyal customers.

Lower Costs Translate to Lower Prices
Companies who implement and use a distribution software package (either as a standalone solution or as part of a top ERP software solution) can identify and leverage a variety of ways to cut expenses and operate more cost-effectively – without compromising performance. In today’s highly competitive distribution and delivery market, these organizations can then gain a significant edge by passing those savings along to their clients – offering better service at lower prices.

Faster Order Fulfillment
Wholesalers, logistics service providers, and other firms who transport and deliver materials often rely on manual tasks to manage goods as they move across the entire distribution chain. However, these processes – which are becoming more complex and multi-faceted each and every day – are often uncoordinated and inefficient, delaying order fulfillment and causing customers to become dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere.

With a distribution software package in place, all related activities are coordinated, streamlined, automated, and accelerated. So orders can be completed quickly, and deliveries can be made in the timeliest manner possible.

Reduced Errors
Manual distribution processes are not only cumbersome and inefficient, they have the potential to result in a high number of mistakes. These errors can often be detrimental to customer service and retention. For example, if data is not keyed in properly at order entry time, the client will not get the finished goods they want, on the day they need them.

Distribution software eliminates these types of error-prone activities, and replaces them with fully automated, well-executed procedures that are highly consistent and accurate. With a distribution software package, clients can rest assured that mistakes will be non-existent, and that their orders will be fulfilled to their exact specifications.

Greater Agility
As customer business models become more sophisticated, their distribution requirements are changing at a rapid pace. Distributors who don’t utilize a distribution software package are likely to lag behind their competitors when it comes to keeping pace with evolving client demands. On the other hand, those who deploy distribution software will have the ability to monitor patterns and trends, and identify and anticipate both shifting client needs and dynamic marketplace conditions. So, they will operate in a more flexible fashion, and be able to respond to changes more rapidly.

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