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Oracle's Siebel CRM Selected by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson recently selected Oracle’s Siebel CRM as part of its Business to Consumer Customer Relationship Management operations which include its marketing strategy and customer service functions.

This effort was made to create competitive loyalty and retention programs to help Sony Ericsson add customer value and make sure the offering is seamlessly integrated with marketing and CRM to support the complete loyalty lifecycle, according to the company.

The Oracle CRM platform will be introduced globally across Sony Ericsson in a phased approach, with the first introduction scheduled for Europe.

Sony Ericsson’s CRM will be used to enable the company to deliver products and services through a single customer experience that will enrich its relationship with the customer base.

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite will additionally align Sony Ericsson’s marketing activity with its corporate objectives. This is an effort to help drive process efficiencies so that the company is even more agile and responsive to customer demands.

Oracle CRM will also help Sony Ericsson with their Oracle Marketing Analytics module. The module will help with marketing planning by tracking and measuring campaign performance in real-time.

The module will help them the company to gain greater insight into segmentation characteristics and product affinity, to retain the current and entice new customers, as well.

Head of CRM for Sony Ericsson, Jonathan Laroussinie, said that by combining the consumer relationship to their product and service expertise, it opens up new lands of opportunities and will enable them to focus on their consumer satisfaction.

Laroussinie added that Oracle’s Siebel CRM application simplifies the integration of its consumer data across the different activities of Sony Ericsson, and by consequence, has accelerated their consumer experience.

[Photo courtesy of Linkedin.]