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Velocity Micro's Cruz Tablets- An Affordable Alternative to the IPad

Word is spreading that Velocity Micro, a high-performance computer provider, is planning to release their own tablet named the Cruz Reader. The Cruz Reader will be a Google Android-based tablet and is part of a series of tablets that Velocity Micro plans on releasing.

Velocity Micro is emphasizing the reader-friendly qualities of the Cruz Reader. This tablet is ideal for e-books. Velocity Micro is even teaming up with Borders and Kobo to deliver an e-library to the Reader. Users do not have to be connected to the internet to download and read their books. Font, text color, text size and more can be changed on the actual interface of this tablet. It is setting itself apart from other reader devices because users can listen to music, share books with family members for free, and access the internet. The Cruz Reader has a 7 inch screen. It can also be used for games, apps and other tablet-like activities. It will have 256 MB of storage (enough for hundreds of books).

The Cruz Tablet is another one in the series. This tablet is an upgraded version of the Cruz Reader, but it is intended for video as opposed to reading. The Cruz Tablet will have 4G of built in storage, an 8GB SD card, over six hours of video watch time, and a 7 inch screen. It is also able to read documents and access the e-library. It will also have Flash support, which the Reader does not have. It will also have a multi-touch screen, which the Reader does not have either. The Cruz Tablet will even have an integrated microphone for voice recording.

The Cruz Tablet

The other tablet in the series is the Cruz StoryPad, which is designed for kids. It has a spill-resistant case and is intended for children’s stories. It will have an intuitive interface and interactive content, along with an easy to use touch screen. Kids will be able to follow along with stories as the tablet reads them out loud. The Cruz StoryPad is even available in pink, blue, and green.

The President and CEO of Velocity Micro, Randy Copeland, commented on the upcoming release of the Cruz tablets. He said, “With the development of the Cruz line, we were able to take those enthusiast sensibilities and package them for the mainstream consumer to create a product that’s not only amazing, but affordable as well.”

The Cruz Reader and the Cruz StoryPad will be available in August, 2010. The Cruz Tablet will be available on September 1, 2010. Below is a brief overview of each tablet’s cost and basic features.

Name Purpose Cost
Cruz Reader – for e-books

– will support apps, games, web browsing

Cruz StoryPad – kid friendly

– spill resistant

– for kids e-books

Cruz Tablet – will have Flash support

– for gaming & video

– upscale version of Cruz Reader



View a demo of the Cruz Reader below.

[Photo courtesy of amazon.]