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– Aspect Seamless Customer Service Review

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Aspect Seamless Customer Service is an on-premise business application for unified communications.

Customer Focus

Large Businesses and Multinational Enterprises

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Valley Medical Center, Asurion, VIPDesk, ResourceOne, Stefanini

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Aspect Technical Services

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About Aspect Seamless Customer Service

- Aspect Seamless Customer ServiceAspect Seamless Customer Service is a unified communications solution for contact centers that unites inbound routing, as well as voice portal capabilities, to reduce the cost-per-customer of inquiries. Aspect Seamless Customer Service combines self-service with your live agent assistance, creating better multi-channel communications by using inbound routing, Ask an Expert, voice portal and more.

About Aspect Software
Aspect is a software and IT services firm that specializes in applying Microsoft communications and collaboration tools to help businesses obtain optimal results. Aspect provides interaction management and workforce optimization solutions to remove communication and workflow barriers from your business while automating business processes.

Aspect Seamless Customer Service Key Features

  • Decrease cost and complexity by lowering CTI (computer telephony integration) expenses
  • Improve customer satisfaction with assisted service
  • Improve first call resolution with expert agent accessibility and data-directed routing
  • Deliver rapid response with business rules
  • Proactively contact customers with either voice, short message service (SMS) or email

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