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– Coral Business Solutions RealSoft ERP Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Coral Business Solutions works with companies of all sizes in the construction, trading, real estate and healthcare industries.

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About RealSoft ERP

- Coral Business Solutions RealSoft ERP RealSoft ERP is an ERP software made for contracting companies. The platform allows users to interact with modules for finance, inventory, project management, job costing, HR, asset management and production.

The software provides businesses with tools to keep an eye on deadlines, provides statistics on the length of time to complete work processes, determine the workload with regard to individual employees and save processing time. Additionally, the platform allows companies to to modify the system structure at leisure.

About the Company

Coral Business Solutions was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Dubai.


RealSoft ERP Key Features

  • Inventory and purchasing module helps improve stock management processes
  • Job costing module compares job costs vs revenue
  • HR module handles recruiting, offboarding, attendance, payroll and performance evaluations
  • Asset management module tracks assets and displays asset data
  • Can track costs for facilities, materials, and subcontractors
  • Smart Linking system enables data synchronization between software installations at different locations
  • Multi-level security and access permissions
  • Alert system warns of exceeding projected budget costs
  • Workflow management system allows user to customize the software system’s structure


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