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– Eshbel Technologies Priority ERP Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Product is available as both an on-premise solution and as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with midsize companies in the distribution, finance, manufacturing, publishing, construction, and software industries.

Select Customers

Ultimat Frame, GSM Automotive, Stan Chem International, Inspiration Healthcare, Dunlop Systems and Components


About Eshbel Technologies Priority ERP

- Eshbel Technologies Priority ERP Eshbel Technologies Priority ERP is a single integrated solution that allows you to handle all your business operations. The product comes with support in the areas of finance, CRM, sales, inventory, office management and reporting, with optional purchasable add-on modules for warehouse management, manufacturing, business intelligence, HR, project management, document management, customer service and attendance tracking. Additionally, the program offers industry-specific solutions for distribution, financial, manufacturing and service businesses. Priority ERP is fully scalable and customizable, and you can use it on-premise or through the cloud.

About the Company

Eshbel Technologies was founded in 1986.


Eshbel Technologies Priority ERP Key Features

  • Single integrated ERP solution with core CRM, sales, financial, inventory, office management, and reporting modules
  • Finance module logs financial transactions and handles billing and assets
  • CRM system facilitates marketing and sales force automation
  • (Optional add-on) Warehouse management system module supports cross-docking and can employ restocking and distribution strategies
  • (Optional add-on) Time and attendance module handles payroll
  • (Optional add-on) Manufacturing module provides support throughout production life cycle
  • (Optional add-on) BI module allows you to generate custom reports and dashboards
  • (Optional add-on) HR module assists with recruiting, benefits administration, workforce management, and offboarding
  • (Optional add-on) Project management module tracks project statuses and facilitates communication between team members
  • (Optional add-on) Customer service module provides service portal and keeps track of service cases


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