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Global Shop Solutions ERP Software Review

Product Snapshot

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Product can be deployed via cloud/SaaS/web, installed on Windows and on native mobile platforms for both Android and iOS.

Customer Focus

Global Shop Solutions is implemented by small- to medium-size manufacturers in nearly 30 industries and a variety of manufacturing modes such as Made-to-Order (MTO), Made-to-Stock (MTS), Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Mixed-Mode and DCAA/government contracting.

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About Global Shop Solutions ERP Software

Global Shop Solutions ERP Software Global Shop Solutions ERP Software improves manufacturing processes throughout the enterprise with comprehensive functions that include job costing, scheduling, inventory management, agile project management, quality management, customer relationship management and other shop control functionality. Business processes are integrated into a single, easy-to-use system, giving businesses complete control and visibility into their operations. Companies that have implemented Global Shop Solutions have realized such benefits as improved quality and on-time delivery, increased sales and lowered costs.

About the Company

We simplify your manufacturing.™ For over 45 years, Global Shop Solutions ERP Software has provided manufacturers with one of the only fully integrated ERP software systems by manufacturers for manufacturers. The ERP software system enables accurate inventory, on-time delivery, near perfect quality, lower administrative costs, increased sales, improved customer service, and data in real time. The company is the largest fully family-owned ERP software company in the world with zero debt.


Global Shop Solutions ERP Software Key Features

Shop Management
  • Detailed project information
  • Accurate work center data and scheduling information
  • Customized analysis reporting

Planning & Scheduling

  • Flexible job quoting and estimates
  • Simple, easy to use application
  • High-level customer service


  • Mobile customer relationship management
  • Real-time data on one screen
  • High-level safety and security


  • Accurate, detailed material inventory management
  • Simplified material ordering to manage supply
  • Detailed vendor tracking


  • Customized sales analysis and reporting
  • Simplified software for leaner sale processes
  • Real-time access to all your sales data


  • Customized financial reporting, invoicing and payroll
  • Itemized accounting with pinpoint accuracy
  • Integrated software for streamlined payroll processes

Quality Control

  • Simplify managing rework, rejects and scrap
  • Customize control of quality requirements
  • Detailed control of engineered part changes

Shop Floor Data Collection

  • Control labor costs through integrated reporting
  • Flexible job management access
  • Accurate time data for reporting

Preventative Maintenance

  • Variable options for preventative maintenance routers
  • Manage work orders for all equipment parts and centers
  • Advanced control for auto-generate work orders

Project Management

  • Highly visible, accurate and transparent data calculation
  • Customizable reporting for detailed project management
  • Keep projects on time and on budget

Customizable ERP

  • Augment your existing screens for increased functionality
  • Customize reporting and schedule processing with specialized applications
  • Control data integration for maximum efficiency

Document & Training

  • Easy, simply process tracking in a fraction of the time
  • Secure documentation of manufacturing quality certifications
  • Improved new and continuing employee training

Label Printing

  • Customized sales analysis and reporting
  • CODESOFT labels are the standard selection
  • Reprint option for CODESOFT labels


  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Precision leads to opportunities
  • Reduce administrative costs


  • Improved cash flow
  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Improved customer relations


Global Shop Solutions ERP Software Screenshots


  • Fully integrated manufacturing and accounting ERP package for custom ETO shops
  • Web-enabled scheduling spans a range of industries (like aerospace and electronic and precision machine)
  • Built-in report generator, which permits users to easily create reports on the fly
  • Accounting, CRM and HR modules allow for comprehensive integration of financial tasks, sales activities and personnel oversight without requiring additional software
  • Document control module provides simplified file storage and editing tools
  • Advanced customization capabilities can make the platform time-consuming to implement
  • More of a niche player in the market than some of its larger competitors

Global Shop Solutions is a family-owned ERP vendor offering a product that is reliable and up to date with current technological advancements. The user-friendly system has grown with the needs of its client base and is built with a global infrastructure to support the diverse and worldwide needs of its global clients. Recent additions to the company’s Research and Development teams reveal Global Shop’s commitment to continuously evolving their software as client needs change.


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