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Sage Intacct is available as a cloud-based solution.

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The software can be used in a wide variety of industries as a horizontal accounting system, but also delivers specialized features for the following industries: Nonprofit, Software and SaaS, Professional Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Wholesale Distribution, Construction and Real Estate.

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Grubhub, Bitly, Meals on Wheels, Workiva, Tandem HR

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About Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial accounting software system with a broad set of functionalities for small to mid-sized businesses. Sage Intacct delivers an array of core accounting applications such as a general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and order management to any accounting department or finance team. It also supports functionality for built-in dashboards, real time reporting, time and expense management, project accounting, revenue management, and global consolidations for multiple entities.

With Interactive Visual Explorer, Sage Intacct allows you to report on multiple dimensions with either pre-built, or fully customizable reports. The tool allows consolidated reporting across multiple entities, such as different locations or currencies.

Sage Intacct is cloud-based software that is accessed securely through a browser over the internet. The company offers a “buy with confidence” guarantee that outlines the level of service that customers should expect for uptime, security, recovery and more. Sage Intacct was also rated #1 in customer satisfaction by G2.

With an open API structure, Sage Intacct’s accounting solution provides integration with any CRM, payroll, POS, or ERP system such as Salesforce, ADP, and more.

About the Company
Sage Intacct serves over 14,000 customers and was founded in 1999 in San Jose, California. The company is the preferred provider of financial applications for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


Sage Intacct Key Features

Core Financials

Intelligent General Ledger

  • Multiple ledgers (AR, AP, order management, and cash management) that process transactions independently without degrading GL performance
  • Multiple books, such as accrual and cash, to allow reporting to multiple stakeholders based on their needs and report preferences
  • Simplify your chart of accounts using dimensions—get instant insights and one-click drill-down to source transactions
  • Close continuously instead of saving it all for period end with automated recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Enter transactions once and report on them across multiple financial standards
  • Review thousands of GL transactions in minutes with AI-based outlier detections
  • Define your own workflows
  • Consolidate multiple entities and currencies

Accounts Payable

  • Automated procurement management links purchase orders, approvals, invoice creation, and payment
  • Connect banks, vendors and payment platforms to automate payments & go paperless
  • Process bills and payments for multiple entities from a single Sage Intacct account
  • Reconcile in minutes with auto-matched and auto-created draft transactions
  • Ensure vendors receive fast, secure and paperless payment—pay vendors using their preferred payment method, whether it’s by check, ACH or virtual card

Accounts Receivable

  • Automated order management links sales orders, approvals, and invoices
  • Attach customer documents to transactions for better record-keeping
  • Integrate with your CRM and other business systems for a single view of quotes, sales orders, and invoices
  • Automatically post order transactions to your general ledger and AR ledger to streamline billing and accounting
  • Get real-time visibility into customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue and more with built-in & configurable dashboards
  • Automate the traditionally manual collections process—set up recurring invoices for subscription management, configure customer reminders, assign owners to collection cases, and centrally record all activity

Cash Management

  • See every transaction from all checking & savings accounts and credit cards across locations and entities
  • Sage Intacct securely connects to thousands of financial institutions around the world. Automatically import transactions and reconcile accounts from your financial institutions in just minutes
  • Match electronic payment transactions to invoices in a single click
  • Transfer funds across accounts to locations and entities right when you need them

Order Management

  • Remove the manual work from multi-channel order management. Define unique workflows and pricing requirements to input orders when they come in, and never again
  • Enable sales and finance to share pricing & order status, generate orders and more with pre-integrated Salesforce CRM connectors
  • Out-of-the-box Avalara integration automatically calculates sales tax for any order in any jurisdiction


  • Create predefined transaction and purchase approval workflows to increase purchasing speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • Monitor budgets vs. actuals, analyze costs, and gain visibility into your entire procure-to-pay cycle in one place with a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools
  • Connect with accounts payable, cash management and inventory to eliminate double entry
  • Drag-and-drop files for simplified recordkeeping and instant access to supporting documents
  • Get real-time budget performance, purchase quote comparisons, price breaks and more with customizable, role-based purchasing dashboards

Dashboards & Reporting
Interactive Visual Explorer

  • Choose from over twenty-five types of data visualization to tailor and select visuals to tell the story you need in order to inspire confidence in decision-making
  • Analyze financial data across multiple business dimensions
  • Choose from 200+ prebuilt visualizations of financial data, or modify them using a drag and drop interface

Multi-Dimensional Reports

  • 10 predefined dimensions available out of the box, including department, item and employee. Tag transactions with dimensions (customer, product, location, department and more), instead of assigning to hard coded individual accounts
  • Add more dimensions to reflect unique business drivers as your business changes
  • Reports and dashboards automatically combine operating dimensions with financial data for analysis of each operating unit, location, project, customer and more
  • No external reporting tools or chart of accounts modification needed

Advanced Functionality

Revenue Recognition

  • Complete support for ASC 606, IFRS 15 and VSOE
  • Flexibly configure expense amortization to match or differ from your revenue recognition terms
  • Automatically recognize revenue according to accounting standards with templates and schedules
  • Streamline subscriptions and recurring-revenue recognition with real-time updates to accounting and billing for discounts, usage, renewals, upgrades, cancellations and other changes
  • See every stage of the revenue lifecycle from order to collection in a unified view with customized dashboards and reports, and plan with precise projections and forecasts

Inventory Management

  • Use standard templates for adjustments, transfers, damaged goods, scrap and more. Or create a custom template to fit your organization
  • Manage inventory in real time across locations, products and status in one place
  • Align cross-functional teams around a single source of truth to automate invoicing, set efficient order points and more
  • Cloud-based architecture allows easy collaboration for sales, finance, operations and logistics teams around the world

Project Accounting

  • Automate project management, time tracking, full-featured costing and resource management, project billing and revenue recognition
  • Utilize multiple billing and revenue recognition methods such as percent complete and milestone
  • Simplify project billing workflows across finance and operations
  • Get quick insight into team utilization and efficiency, along with employee time and expense management

AI-Powered Timesheets

  • Time Assistant uses AI to reconstruct the work week across multiple projects—users simply review & submit the proposed time entry
  • Automatically alert team members about late or rejected time entry
  • Enter, submit and approve time on mobile devices
Contract & Subscription Billing

  • Create 200+ different types of Investor Reports such as churn, NDR, ARR, billings, cash forecast, deferred revenue waterfall and more, up to 80% faster
  • Forecast 300+ SaaS, subscription, usage and project billing scenarios with ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue recognition
  • Automate manual processes with built-in tiered pricing and usage-based billing, whether you bill across regular periods or in a non-linear way
  • Tight Salesforce CRM integration allows synchronization of customer and contract information with business financials in real time
Time & Expense Management

  • Cloud-based system allows time & expense data to be submitted any time and from anywhere
  • Once approved, expense reports automatically flow into accounts payable, enabling prompt reimbursement in the correct currency
  • Real-time data on expenses is summarized in dashboards for insights on milestones, resourcing, client/project profitability, and more
  • Time and expense data automatically flows to invoicing and revenue recognition processes



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