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As a cloud solution, NetSuite OneWorld is easy and quick to deploy. Compared to other ERP systems, you can deploy NetSuite OneWorld in 90% less time. With NetSuite OneWorld, you have anytime, anywhere access that supports all users on the go, no matter where they are. NetSuite OneWorld also provides real-time access to organizations that have global services pools and multi-currency, subsidiary, taxation, and language requirements.

Customer Focus

Over 16,000 midsized and high-growth companies, as well as divisions of large enterprises, use NetSuite to run their business. NetSuite’s ERP software is also applicable to any industry type. Their customers range from insurance providers to retail restaurant chains to online retailers, demonstrating the flexibility of their solution.

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Prudential, Jollibee, Guitar Center, Intuitive Surgical, Hamamatsu

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About NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld NetSuite OneWorld is an on-demand business ERP software system that delivers real-time business-wide management and global financial consolidation tools for mid-sized companies that have multi-subsidiary and multinational operations. With NetSuite OneWorld, users can supervise companies with various subsidiaries, legal entities, and business units—all from one NetSuite account.

NetSuite OneWorld gives employees all over the world the functionality, tools, and information they need in order to manage their whole business better and easier, all while streamlining operations. NetSuite OneWorld handles different taxation rules, currencies, and reporting requirements—all at a small portion of the usual cost of on-premise ERP solutions. It is an all encompassing system that includes both ERP and CRM functionality, tailored for user- and company-specific business needs.

About the Company

NetSuite was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in San Mateo, CA — right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Its nine offices span the globe, with locations in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Gartner named NetSuite one of the top 10 the fastest growing financial management solution, and they’ve received four CODiE Awards from the Software and Information Industry Association in the past two years.


NetSuite OneWorld Key Features

Global Accounting/ERP Software
Global Accounting and Consolidation
  • Multi-currency business consolidation of financials
  • Multiple levels of consolidated reporting displayed on dashboards
  • Documented consolidation rates: Average (P&L), and current or historical (for Balance Sheet) rates on an account specific basis
  • Automatically calculated Currency Translation Adjustments
  • Users have ability to look back at any historical period and see the details related to consolidation and CTA entries
  • Faster time to close
  • Inter-entity and local entity reporting
  • Automated revenue recognition management
  • Tight internal controls and easy-to-follow audit trails
  • Multi-national compliance

Multi-Currency Control

  • Multi-currency management and roll-up in order management, quota management, forecasting, and commissions
  • Multi-currency consolidation support, keeping historical currency rates to ensure the accuracy of sales data including:
    • the local currency conversion rate
    • the rates used to determine roll-up into corporate currency
    • the rates used at the time an order is placed, or the commission payout is made
  • Currency rate automatically refreshes as rates change
  • Multi-currency forecast roll-up within and across multi-national sales entities
  • Exchange rates updated automatically

Global CRM
Global Sales

  • Global dashboards provide accurate, real-time roll-up of country-by-country business activity and results with full drill-down capabilities to the underlying records
  • Global currency management gives sales reps and management visibility into their quota, orders, forecast, and commission metrics in the correct currency in their dashboards
  • Manage external partners with global partner management
  • Multi-language support for users and transactions
  • Global Tax Engine for managing multiple tax types

Global Marketing

  • Comprehensive campaign management and execution
  • Campaign Measurement by country or geography, allowing you to optimize marketing program spend across your organization
  • Lead routing across subsidiaries

Global Services

  • Visibility into key support metrics by region and country
  • Measure your customer service reps’ effectiveness
  • Multi-language customer portals
  • One global view of customer profiles and any support issues

Global Ecommerce
Integrated accounting and reporting

  • Global visibility and account management
  • Dashboards and reporting for real-time decision support
  • Multiple customer-billing options

Multi-store/multi-country/multi-site ecommerce

  • Country-specific web stores and web sites
  • Sales roll-up for global visibility and reporting
  • One NetSuite account for all sites

Multi-currency and tax

  • Sell in multiple currencies or set a default currency per store
  • Shoppers can switch between currencies using a drop-down menu
  • Local sales tax is automatically handled for multiple regions


  • 12 languages fully supported.
  • Everything is translatable into a nearly unlimited number of languages
  • Shoppers can select their language of choice from a drop-down menu, and the entire website will be translated into that language
  • Real-Time Credit Card Processing with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance

Global Services Resource Planning
Global Services Resource Planning

  • Global dashboards and reports combine operational and financial drivers for projects, geographies, and subsidiaries
  • Match the best resources for the project based on experience, skills, and availability
  • Accelerate financial close and reduce financial risk through granular revenue recognition management
  • Robust time-and-expense entry system that has both mobile and “offline” capabilities
  • Customize the approval management process by client and project, and use electronic routing for line, multi-level or project-based approvals
  • Manage and analyze project finances from bid preparation and time-and-expense tracking through client billing systems and internal charge-backs
  • Manage, bill, and recognize revenue for projects across multiple currencies and tax jurisdictions
  • NetSuite OneWorld SRP mobile access— 100% web-based on-demand solution

Global Business Intelligence
Global Business Intelligence

  • Country-specific, local, and global dashboards for worldwide analytics and business intelligence
  • Drill-down locally across the globe to sales or accounting transactions, inventory carried, customer history, or employee records
  • Measure accuracy of global trends and sales forecasts over time against actual revenues and quotas
  • Decision support capabilities for all employees, appropriate for their roles
  • Complete currency conversion
  • Standard, ad-hoc, and custom reports
  • Bottom-up and top-down planning with “what-if” financial modeling functionality using the NetSuite Financial Planning module
  • ODBC connectivity to BI Package of choice, including Business Objects, Hyperion, FrX, and more


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  • Multi-National Enterprise Support
  • On-Demand/Cloud Solution
  • All-in-one Enterprise Management
  • $10K/year minimum to subscribe to NetSuite solutions.
  • Users report unhappiness with NetSuite’s support.
  • Strong ERP features, but could use more fleshing out in the CRM module.
  • Lacks Manufacturing/Supply Chain/Logistics ERP features.

NetSuite OneWorld is for mid-sized companies that have multi-subsidiary and multinational operations, and it can be configured to manage all of your legal entities and business units from one NetSuite account.

OneWorld rolls up multi-currency forecasts across multi-national sales organizations, permitting sales staff to manage orders and forecasts against quota in their local currency, while providing headquarters consolidated figures in the base currency. Similarly, dashboards can display roll-ups of country specific business activities and results with full drill-down capabilities to the underlying records. OneWorld is a powerful module that is particularly well suited to global and multi-national businesses.

However, though you save money on overhead, support costs for NetSuite solutions is pretty high since they only take on customers who will spend at least $10K/year. Additionally, users often report dissatisfaction with NetSuite’s support services. As far as the solution itself goes, it’s strong in financial consolidation and project management, but somewhat lacking in its CRM module. If you’re a manufacturer/distributor, you’ll have to add the modules you need for manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain/logistics.

In any case, if your organization is relatively large, has multiple subsidiaries, and is shopping around for a tier 2 cloud system, then NetSuite OneWorld is a pretty good cloud alternative to legacy systems like Oracle or SAP.


White Papers and Demos

On-Demand ERP in the Enterprise: A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation
White Paper provided by NetSuite
This paper, based on the experience and best practice established by early adopters, sets out a framework for deciding on and implementing on-demand ERP within enterprises of 250 employees or more, or in divisions within a larger enterprise. The paper will examine key concerns such as data integrity in enterprise systems, maintaining compliance and ensuring proper process management, as well as discussing new skills and approaches to help maximize returns on investment.


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