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Platform is an on-premise solution.

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PRIAM ERPPRIAM ERP is an ERP software designed to give the user complete control over back-office processes. The platform allows users to work with features like supply chain management, transportation and logistics, inventory management and warehouse management.

The software provides businesses with tools to make use of the product’s database and accounting systems. Additionally, the platform allows companies to use a marketing tool for constructing and executing campaigns.

About the Company

PRIAM was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Warwickshire in the UK.


PRIAM ERP Key Features

  • Processes mail and internet orders and supports coupon pricing
  • Expedites picking, packing and dispatch operations
  • Tracks goods at an unlimited number of warehouses via RF or barcode
  • Generates POs and forecasts purchasing trends based on past data
  • Changes inventory information in real-time in reaction to SOs
  • Creates a number of reports that gauge business performance against KPI
  • Supports a number of database options
  • Handles general ledger, receivables and payables


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