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Virtual Hold VHT Conversation Bridge Review

Product Snapshot


Virtual Hold VHT Conversation Bridge uses automated mobile customer support through multichannel callback.

Customer Focus

This software provides a bridge between customers and customer service agents for enterprise organizations across industries.

Select Customers

AEGON, Banco Popular, Dubai Islamic Bank, Hi-Tech Firm, QSuper

About Virtual Hold VHT Conversation Bridge

Virtual Hold VHT Conversation BridgeIntroduced in April 2012 at Genesys G-Force Americas, VHT Conversation Bridge is a multichannel callback solution that holds a customer’s place in a call center queue, and phones them back when an agent is available to speak to them, regardless of what channel the customer contacts the company through: gaming console, mobile app, smartphone, social media site, or the web.

About the Company

Founded in 1995, the Akron, Ohio-based Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) has become a world leader through its virtual queueing systems, including the innovative Conversation Bridge. The Conversation Bridge is a device which allows for “bridging the self-service gap between customers and people who can help.” The company’s bottom-line goal is simple but straightforward: optimize customer interactions and transform a customer’s experience.

Virtual Hold VHT Conversation Bridge Key Features

  • Accurate estimated wait time
  • Advanced reporting
  • ASAP and scheduled callback
  • Connectors to multiple customer interaction platforms (mobile, web, social, voice, and consoles)
  • Integration with contact center systems
  • Smart business rules
  • Standardized web-service approach

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