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How Technology Is Changing the Customer Service Industry for the Better

Technology is impacting every single business out there, and the internet of things is changing every industry from production to […]

Indition OrderDesk

Inditon OrderDesk is an intuitive customer management software solution that allows call center agents to quickly place and manage orders, manage customer accounts, and offers apps so users can monitor agents, manage call queues, respond to escalations and set up new users from mobile devices. The platform allows users to create escalation hierarchies through assignment rule configuration, as well as logs all interactions for tracking purposes.

Work 365

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform built for Microsoft CSP Partners, and enables companies to scale and grow their cloud business. The platform is built on Dynamics 365, helps companies to deliver exceptional customer service, increase profit margins, and streamline accounting and sales, and provides users with self service tools including self service portals, billing histories, service provision and management, and order histories.


Hybrid.Chat is a human + chatbot hybrid platform that proactively engages with customers 24/7 directly from the user’s SLACK, MATTERMOST or any other messaging platform so that the user’s company is ‘always available’ and customer friendly. The platform allows human agents to take over chat conversations anytime using the messenger, build engaging chat bots using simple spreadsheets to automate conversations, and build human-like chat bots that are always manning the chat and never lose a lead.


Chaport is a live chat tool that provides companies with a modern messenger designed to make communication with customers easy and enjoyable, and has applications for all platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Windows and Mac. The platform is equipped with auto-invitation capabilities that help engage visitors in the communication process and typing insights in order to allow support specialists to provide clients with fast answers.

ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk Software is a feature-rich issue tracking software that enables online businesses to track all customer issues, requests, and bugs, and offer timely responses to customers through child tickets which allow users to collaborate and track internal subtasks, and when customers raise issues or make requests, agents can easily track them and get input from other agents and teams. The platform tracks customer issues so that teams know who is working on what, identifies solution delays, and helps users to be sure they miss customer tickets by utilizing filters to sort by labels, priorities, assignees, milestones, and status.


Rocketbots is a customer conversation platform that enables companies to scale their customer engagement without scaling their teams. The platform uses self-learning AI to help agents manage, respond to and automate conversations, and as the AI continues to learn from the user’s chats, the platform starts to respond automatically.

Social Intents Live Chat for Slack

Live Chat for Slack is collaboration and customer service software that enables users to chat with website visitors right from Slack or the web dashboard. The platform enables users to offer customer service, on-boarding, and sales support right from Slack without the need for another messaging tool.

XB Software XB Chat

XB Chat is an easy-to-use WebRTC solution based on the OpenTok platform developed by Tokbox. It allows users to hold video and audio calls and to create text chats, works on desktop systems of all functionality, and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.


Samespace is a call center and sales software solution that provides users with an interaction platform to make, manage and monitor conversations over voice and chat. The platform is a simple and scalable communication platform for customer-facing teams like sales, support and contact centers, and enables companies to seamlessly engage with customers using voice or chat, monitor conversations as they happen and manage teams at scale.