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Not Just Sales – CRM Software Can Do a Lot More

The meaning of CRM and CRM software has been so diluted that now, when people hear about it, they will […]

Salesforce vs SAP: A Clash of Two Enterprise CRM Titans

Two CRM vendors that excel at enterprise-scale tools for large sales teams and departments are Salesforce and SAP. But in a head-to-head battle, who will come out on top? Let’s take a look at what each platform offers in five major categories of functionality in this showdown of enterprise CRM software: Salesforce vs SAP.

The 7 Features of Enterprise CRM that Your Business Needs

What specific functions should larger businesses and corporate departments consider when evaluating the CRM marketplace? Let’s take a look at the 7 features of enterprise CRM that will prove most valuable to companies juggling a large number of customers and prospects.

Top CRM Software for Enterprise-Sized Companies

Large companies have unique challenges, and they need more robust solutions to handle operations. CRM software is one such area where enterprises can better excel with systems designed for their more expansive needs. Review our picks for the top CRM software for enterprises.

Dynamics CRM Upgrades to Social Listening: Why Microsoft Needed Netbreeze

Twelve months ago, Microsoft acquired Netbreeze, a Swiss social media monitoring and analytics company offering solutions that allow businesses to “listen” to what’s being said about them, their products and their brands. How will this new addition to Microsoft enhance the company’s offerings? Read on to find out.

– SAP CRM for Service

SAP CRM for Service is a CRM software solution designed for contact centers and service agents. At the start, the program can take existing marketing materials and run targeted campaigns towards specific contact segments. As contacts start to inquire about products and services, users can send out price quotations and create service contracts.

Five Top CRM Companies

Which CRM companies deliver superior products and outstanding service? The 2011 CRM Market Leaders, hand-picked by the editors at CRM Magazine, highlight the best CRM solutions on the market today.

– Avention OneSource iSell

OneSource iSell is a CRM software solution that eliminates the need for client research by providing you with data on profitable leads. Right from the start,

SofTrek ClearView CRM

SofTrek ClearView CRM provides constituent relationship management, reporting, online marketing and operational tools for your nonprofit organization. ClearView CRM not only tracks meaningful donor information — it follows campaign activities, manages opportunities, and helps plan strategies to take advantage of those opportunities. Business intelligence and reports are detailed, allowing users to track and grow donor relationships. ClearView CRM also manages staff in addition to anything pertaining to fundraising efforts. ClearView is available as a web-based or mobile solution, with customizable dashboards.

Types of ERP Software Consulting Firms: Pros and Cons

After an organization selects a new ERP system, in many cases the ERP software vendor is not the only firm available to provide implementation services. With that said, over the years I have observed certain attributes associated with different types of implementation service providers. Some good, and some not so good.

Of course, any list of pros and cons for various types of consulting firms cannot be viewed as a set of hard and fast rules.