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– Nearstream Social Lead Generation

In order to help businesses businesses generate leads, Nearstream sifts through the social networks of potential customers and determines what they want from the information that they make publicly available online.

– Sequentia Environics Interpreter CRM

Through Social Media analysis and metric distillation, Interpreter CRM provides users with key data in order to create the best sales approach for their target audience.

– Demandbase CRM

Through increasing conversions and standardized lead data, Database CRM provides users with more leads and improved lead scoring.

– CustomerWinHQ CRM

CustomerWinHQ CRM makes tracking customers as simple as possible by providing you with only two views: a list of all your customers and to-do, and a page with a closeup of a particular customer.


5Degrees is CRM software designed for sales lead management tasks, and provides users with a contact management system accessible via iOS mobile devices. The software records all email, phone call and text message correspondence initiated through the application in a communication log.


Contactually is CRM software that enables users to track contacts and identify the best times to reach out via email, text, card or call. The platform synchronizes email, phone and communication history, allows users to import spreadsheets in order to manage entire networks from a centralized system, and facilitates contact sharing with team members.

– Crushpath CRM

Crushpath CRM is a customer relationship management software that features include deal metrics to track data on leads, and a coach application that reminds team members of tasks and sends out announcements, all in order to achieve a more efficient deal-closing process. In addition, Crushpath CRM also promotes team collaboration and clarity in communication.

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