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DataSift Offers Analytic Insight into Your Social Media Presence

The rise of social media marketing has organizations wondering how they can get real metrics out of their social media presence to determine the overall effectiveness of social strategies. We talked to DataSift CEO Rob Bailey and founder Nick Halstead to find out how they can fill this crucial role by providing across-the-board analytics and serving as the backbone to various social CRM and other applications.

Batchbook: Helping Small Businesses Grow with Social CRM

BatchBlue’s Batchbook is a small business CRM solution designed for smaller-scale companies. A co-founder of the Small Business Web, a non-profit for open API start-ups, CEO Pamela O’Hara believes all software should be open and integrated, so that small businesses can have access to the same functionality as large enterprises.

Most Inexpensive CRM Solutions

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Deep Dive into Nimble Social CRM

n our Nimble Q&A, CEO Jon Ferrara shared his insights about how social media has transformed customer relationships and how Nimble empowers this new paradigm of CRM. In this Deep Dive, take a closer look at how Nimble really works. Scroll through the slideshow below to see Nimble in action.


Nutshell is an open API CRM software solution that enables users to automate sales processes, view and track leads, and create performance reports, presentation-ready charts and business progress snapshots. The platform is designed to connect and centralize the tools companies use to run their business, provides users with a centralized customer knowledge repository, and stores all important contact details, call notes and email conversations.


Conversocial is social CRM and customer support software that utilizes social channels as digital touchpoints for customer interactions and customer issue resolution. The platform enables users to organize, prioritize, route and triage customer issues, combines public and private messages in order to provide full customer interaction views, and automatically routes conversations to the original agent in order to provide consistent support strategies and messaging.

CRMnext Digital CRM

CRMnext Digital CRM is social CRM software that focuses on increasing brand awareness, social campaign responses and positive social index ratings. The platform integrates with social channels and enables users to track conversations from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, as well as captures brand-related conversations and mentions.

Dimelo Social

Dimelo Social is social CRM software focused on managing customer contacts and interactions on social media. The platform aggregates all social media feeds in order to ensure all customer messages are responded to, ensures the traceability of all exchanges, and supports large-scale processing of customer interactions.

– Blitz CRM

Blitz is a CRM solution that combines traditional CRM functions with social media integration. The product’s approach is to be a tool for providing customer service via a “boutique consulting” mode.

– ReadyPulse

ReadyPulse is a “Social Testimonials Marketing” solution that works with online retailers in order to help them grow, curate, and showcase customer testimonials so as to continue building their fans and followers while also driving engagement.