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5 Social CRM Tools Designed for Small Businesses

Social CRM enables companies to better listen and engage with customers through popular social channels. The truth is that a social CRM tool can be really useful for your promotional efforts — if you know how to properly utilize it. Read on to discover the top social CRM tools designed for small businesses.

– Siebel Hub Buzzient Social CRM

Buzzient Social CRM is a social CRM software solution that works with a number of other CRM platforms to enhance customer relationships. The program works across social media channels to harvest messages that contain user-chosen keywords. Users can then view all of these posts, create service cases for them and respond to each author.


Andar/360 is a comprehensive nonprofit donor management and social CRM software system designed to run on either a standalone PC, or in a client/server network environment depending on the user’s workflows and business processes. The network can be as small as a two-client local area network or as large as desired.

– Avectra Social CRM

Avectra Social CRM uses social media tools and analytics to help you maximize each interaction you have with your nonprofit donors and members. At the start, the program acts as a database that stores profiles and maps out relationships. Once users need to reach out to people, you can then use the social media tools to create and promote events, build communities and send out personalized messages.

Let’s Talk Crushpath: Behind the Software with CEO Sam Lawrence

With a second round infusion of $6 million and the launch of a great new pitch site feature, Crushpath is poised to revolutionize the sales world for everyone. We talked to CEO Sam Lawrence and SVP of Product Matt Wilkinson, and learned more about what’s on the horizon for this innovative young company.

Social CRM: What You’re Doing Wrong

Social CRM, as defined by Paul Greenberg, is “the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.” That’s right. It’s no longer about you. There are several ways to use social CRM tools in the new consumer experience. Here is a high-level overview of the ways to utilize social CRM that are aligned with the goals we find most valuable.

Behind the Software Q&A with BigDoor VP of Sales

Seattle-based BigDoor may be one of the leaders in the gamification field, but they want to make it clear that they’re not just another gamification vendor. Rather, they focus on building loyalty and engagement in a meaningful way. VP of Sales Gavin Hewitt talked to us recently about what sets BigDoor apart from the competition, and how the company plans to grow in 2013.

– Jugnoo Social CRM

Jugnoo Social CRM is about harnessing the “Full Power of the Social Web” through using one comprehensive platform. Jugnoo’s Social CRM platform enables users to drive, manage and measure customer acquisition and retention while also promoting brands and products, increasing online visibility and building strong customer relationships.

Social CRM with Google Apps Integration

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Social CRM for Therapy Business

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