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Oprius is CRM software that provides users with the tools they need to maximize customer relationships and to automate parts of the sales cycle. The software tracks leads to make sure each one receives an appropriate follow-up, keeps tabs on entire histories of lead interaction, and keeps a to-do list for all of the user’s workers.

CRM with Group Messaging

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Social@Scale: Sprinklr Reimagines Relationship Management

Sprinklr takes social relationship management seriously. Focused on developing a robust product built to grow as the social marketplace evolves, Sprinklr is in it for the long run. Since its inception in 2008, the company has diligently picked up over 100 Fortune 1000 customers. We spoke with CEO and founder Ragy Thomas about what makes Sprinklr so unique and successful, what challenges companies are facing in the social age, and what the future of social will hold.

– Sword Ciboodle Crowd

Sword Ciboodle Crowd is an online community solution that connects you directly to your customers. Drawing on the strengths of online communities, this social CRM platform allows your agents to help and interact with your customers over blogs and forums.

Synthesio Connect

Synthesio Connect is social intelligence software that processes data specifically to integrate social data with existing social media tools. The platform is equipped with an API that connects collected social data to CRM, social publishing, customer care, marketing and business intelligence software systems in order to provide insight and visibility into the full user experience.

Benefits of Social CRM for Small Scale Industries

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CollabSpot Insights: 37Signals Highrise for Gmail – Getting Started

Here’s a video to help you get started in using CollabSpot Insights, a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage Highrise contacts, notes, and deals in Gmail. It’s an indispensable tool for people using Highrise, Gmail, and Google Chrome.

CRM with Social Networking and Job Applicant Integration

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Open Source CRM Package for Internal and Customer Use

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Simplify360 is an all-in-one social CRM software that enables users to engage customers in real-time, is equipped with intelligent case routing capabilities, and provides users with easy access to customer information and case details. The platform delivers real-time agent performance measurements, extracts customer service KPIs and metrics such as FRT and TAT, and is equipped with enhanced keyboard monitoring functionality.