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Best Alternatives to SugarCRM

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The Top Level View – Fuze Suite

Get to know more about FuzeDigtial and the Fuze Suite

FuzeDigital Community Platform Introduction

The Fuze Suite is an offspring of social CRM (SCRM) and E2.0 technologies that blends multi-channel support with online community technology to create a one-of-a kind solution.

Getting to know the Fuze Suite

See how the Fuze Suite enables organizations to provide a support and communications channel to customers, members, partners, staff and other stakeholders.


Batchbook is a social CRM software solution that provides companies with a way to simply expand their contact information database as their company grows. The platform collects all the information about the user’s contacts and is designed to use social media to help users connect with the user’s brand and to encourage interaction.

Best CRM for Mac

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ROI Calculation for CRM System

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Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara & the Social CRM Revolution, Part 2

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara discusses Nimble’s place in the CRM market, how social has changed business, and more. Nimble is a social CRM solution designed to help businesses turn their social communities into customers by enabling them to easily manage their contacts, communications, activities, and sales in a single location.

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara & the Social CRM Revolution, Part 1

Nimble has quickly established itself as a leader in social CRM software, winning awards and recognition from PC Magazine, Gartner, and more. In our exclusive Q&A, Jon Ferrara talks about what makes Nimble unique and shares his insights about the CRM industry and how social has transformed customer relationships.

Nimble – Deals Tab

Check out the Deals tab in Nimble.