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Top Vendors for Customer Engagement

Find answers to your customer engagement and CRM questions and more at the Community.

Best CRM to Track Potential and Existing Sponsors

I really just want to know what is the best CRM. I don’t need to worry about billing or invoicing. […]

Measuring CRM Investment

How should the investment in CRM be measured?

Linking other Programs with CRM

Can you link other software, such as an Excel-based quoting program, to CRM programs?

Best Hosted Community Platform

What is the best hosted community platform for crowdsourcing missing data?

Affordable Landslide CRM competitors

Looking for competitors to Landslide CRM, preferably more affordable.

CRM Software for International Companies

Our company really needs to start with a big roladex type CRM software solution that has calendar functions, to-do lists, […]

Social CRM Goes Mainstream

Nearly everyone wants to take part in the social revolution that’s transforming business, therefore many vendors are now producing social CRM solutions. As a result, social CRM has moved to the mainstream of the enterprise software market.

CRM Feature Showdown: Comparing 5 Leading CRM Software

Comparing CRM software features can help narrow the choices in the software selection process, enabling organizations to find the solution with the capabilities that answer their requirements. Compare the features of top CRM software products from leading vendors and discover what these solutions have to offer.

5 CRM Best Practices to Increase Sales

As CRM programs have increased in popularity and effectiveness, some best practices have emerged that can make an impact on your sales numbers.