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Oracle and Siebel Get Analytical Social CRM

Last week, InsideView announced enhancements to its integration of SalesView with both Oracle CRM and Siebel CRM applications. InsideView is a proponent of social media and self-proclaimed leaders of the “Sales 2.0” push, and these latest updates to the SalesView product are a move in support of Oracle’s Social CRM initiative.

SalesView goes beyond the average social enterprise application in that it analyzes information across both traditional sources within a CRM application and emerging social media to present sales opportunities. These prospects are presented within the CRM system, and the latest improvements allow greater coverage for international companies and SMBs.

SalesView is powered by the InsideView Smart Cloud, and is thus the first marketing intelligence solution allowing on-demand addition and validation of content. Naturally, SalesView users enjoy other benefits of cloud computing, like real-time information retrieval from social networking platforms and data resources. SalesView presents these news alerts and relationship analysis natively within the Oracle and Siebel CRM platforms, and content from SalesView can be exported to create or modify account and lead information.

In singing his praise of SalesView, Oracle’s Senior Vice President, Anthony Lye, noted that the integration would result in a combined solution surely invaluable “to even the world’s largest enterprises.” Though InsideView focuses on SMBs, Lye certainly has a point. Though many companies balk at the notion of Enterprise 2.0, it’s unlikely that companies eschewing these principles will flourish, and SalesView’s analytical capacity makes it more than just a social networking tool, and places it head and shoulders above other social media products.

[Photo courtesy of hungry-joes.]