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Why Choose a Service Desk Over Help Desk Software?

Why Choose a Service Desk Over Help Desk Software?

In the last few years, we’ve touched on the differences between a help desk versus a service desk and talked about when a business might benefit from implementing a service desk.

Now, we tackle the question of why you might consider choosing a service desk over help desk software when stumped by the choice of these two options. Let’s take an in-depth look at why your business could be better suited for a service desk solution over traditional help desk options.

So, Why Choose A Service Desk Over A Help Desk?

First, let’s review the key differences between help desks and service desks. A help desk is a support-based solution that caters to external customers. On the other hand, a service desk is more internally focused — catering to employees and end-users — and performs a broader range of tasks. A service desk could be considered the more versatile option of the two, with help desk functions as well as IT asset management built into the system.

To provide additional insight on service desks, we took a look at some of the key features your business can benefit from and how they would prove advantageous to your corporate processes.

IT Support

ITIL-wrench-iconOne key feature that makes a service desk unique is its ability to assist you and your employees with IT issues and service management. Think of it this way: a help desk can support your customers, while a service desk can support your customers, your IT staff and your IT service processes. A service desk can help with a multitude of activities, from automating ticket routing to organizing IT service requests and overseeing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A service desk even has the capacity to help you manage your various IT assets.

Corporate Strategy Implementation

marketing-auto-iconService desks offer tools that will not only help manage your IT information, but also enable your business to put new IT strategies into use. A service desk allows you to input your IT needs and requirements, which the system will carry out. Yet through the service desk, you are also able to change, edit and add new IT services any time your company changes its goals or strategies. Once new methods are put into effect, the platform can analyze information recorded from those changes and deliver the results to management as actionable insight.

Let’s say that your employees are directed to implement an IT service that alters business processes in your HR department. Using a service desk platform, you can develop and execute that new strategy or procedure on your own. With a help desk solution, however, you would need to hire an external service to complete such a change, as the software does not provide the resources capable of handling that task.

Enterprise Service Management

intranet-iconHaving the convenience to oversee IT support and procedures for all departments virtually eliminates the hassle of troubleshooting IT issues and allows for enterprise-wide visibility of service management. Whenever a department or employee requires technical support, the service desk can be deployed to automatically send fix-it requests and add that issue to the schedule. A service desk can also handle all communication between IT staff and other employees, ensuring no IT problems get neglected or are forgotten.

Oversight of IT Infrastructure

free-trial-iconWhat truly makes a service desk platform beneficial is that it can manage everything relating to IT. First, it can keep your system-based processes in check by monitoring performance, speed, accounts and third-party services to make sure everything is running efficiently. Secondly, a service desk can track database functions and monitor performance to ensure that the right people have access should they need to address faults within the database.

A service desk can also handle your networking and security operations by monitoring all connections, network devices and infrastructure to keep everything aligned with your enterprise’s needs. In addition, the solution can run routine checks and scans for threats, vulnerabilities and security measures.

In Conclusion

While a help desk focuses on the satisfaction of your customers, a service desk ensures that your IT assets run smoothly and your employees remain productive. A service desk helps you maintain a strong infrastructure and fully functioning IT equipment; without that sturdy foundation, your company will likely suffer from both external and internal threats.

Service desks may not be for every business. Perhaps your business already has an infrastructure in place to address IT service requests and just wants a platform that handles customer support. However, if you are looking for a solution that can handle customer support as well as IT support for the long haul, then a service desk will benefit you.
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