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– Accruent Market Planning Review

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Accruent Market Planning is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Accruent works with mid-sized and enterprise corporate, education, service, retail, and public sector clients.

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Anoka Country, GNC, Columbia College, Infrastructure of Ontario

About Accruent Market Planning

- Accruent Market PlanningAccruent Market Planning helps you develop market plans for your real estate. The program starts by compiling all the necessary data—locations, dates, and budgets—for open locations and compares this sum against KPIs. Next, the system analyzes demographics for these locations and identifies which places are best suited for your goals. Once you establish a plan, you can use the program to track your progress and success.

About Accruent
Accruent is headquartered in Austin, Texas and was founded in 1995.The company services over a thousand companies from over 50 countries. Accruent acquired retail software solution company Evoco in 2012 and project management software company Expesite in 2013.

Accruent Market Planning Key Features

  • Develops market plans for real estate opportunities
  • Compiles market data for available locations and compares it against KPIs
  • Analyzes demographics data for available locations and suggests which areas are most profitable
  • Tracks the progress of each market plan
  • Can easily change market plans in reaction to market conditions

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