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Averiware Supply Chain Management Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing for entire product suite starts at $29.50 per user.


Averiware Supply Chain Management is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional software for installation.

Customer Focus

Averiware works with small and medium-sized businesses in the fields of nonprofit, agriculture, e-commerce, software, advertising and distribution.

Averiware Supply Chain Management

Averiware Supply Chain ManagementAveriware Supply Chain Management is an SCM software solution that can aid a company’s purchasing and inventory departments by streamlining tasks. On the purchasing side, users can manage purchase orders for multiple locations, view various price lists and write line item notes. The inventory section supports an unlimited number of items, reorder notifications, kitting, item transfers between locations and multiple pricing levels. Ultimately, this module will reduce purchasing errors, shorten lead times and help avoid inventory excess and shortages.

About Averiware
Based in Ontario, CA, Averiware was founded with the goal of helping small and mid-sized businesses efficiently manage all their business processes. The company’s operations are located in North America, Europe, Australia, and South East Asia. Averiware is partnered with GreenAppX and Jamcracker in a relationship that helps Averiware distribute its product suite on Cloud.

Averiware Supply Chain Management Key Features

  • Streamlines and automates inventory and purchasing processes
  • Shortens lead times and speeds up item procurement
  • Manage inventory and purchase orders for multiple locations
  • Can handle multiple vendor price lists and pricing tiers
  • In case of low inventory quantities, this program can set up reorder notifications and price adjustments

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