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– Aptean Empower ERP Review

Product Snapshot


Aptean Empower ERP can be delivered on-premise or in the Cloud on demand. CDC Empower ERP On Demand is powered by the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

Customer Focus

Aptean Empower ERP is designed for small- to midsized discrete manufacturing businesses operating in China, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region.

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About Aptean Empower ERP

- Aptean Empower ERPAptean Empower ERP is an innovative ERP software platform built especially for global discrete manufacturing companies operating in Asia. Aptean Empower ERP is built with all the essential planning functionality needed to help businesses reach their cost, delivery and quality goals while also developing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With Aptean Empower ERP, discrete manufacturers can build a more profitable business while lowering costs.

About Aptean Software
Aptean, a global leader in enterprise application software (EAS), gives businesses of all sizes a competitive edge. They empower people and businesses with end-to-end, industry-specific solutions to address complex business challenges more effectively. Their software applications and professional business services enable more than 9,000 customers, in more than 100 countries, to more successfully manage their business. Software built specifically for our target markets, aligned with deep knowledge across vertical industries, allow businesses to satisfy their customers, operate most efficiently, and stay at the forefront of their industry.

Aptean Empower ERP Key Features

  • Manage your general ledger by recoding and summarizing financial transactions that occur across the enterprise
  • Manage accounts receivable with tools to monitor customer accounts, billing and collection
  • Manage accounts payable with tools to manage company liabilities and maintain credit balances within approved limits
  • Create analysis reports for vendor invoice registries, payables aging, payment vouchers, case requirements and more


  • Quickly convert pricing quotes to sales orders
  • Use price tables with taxation, discount and charge data to perform product price computations
  • Allow multiple or partial shipments
  • Select items from sales orders to ship and invoice
  • Create and access reports for sales quotations, sales orders, delivery notes, sales summaries, sales returns and more


  • Specify operations, work centers, assembly lines, product specifications, bill of materials, routing and byproducts by defining manufacturing facilities and capabilities
  • Maintain work center and factory calendars
  • Process engineering changes
  • Modify plans before order releases if necessary
  • Create action messages for planners
  • Turn plans into purchase orders and job orders
  • Create reports for job orders, job materials movement history, job gross profit, production output history, work completion reports and more


  • Manage item, item group and storage bin information
  • Manage process inventory receipts, issuances, transfers and adjustments
  • Maintain WIP materials records and item costs
  • Manage reservation lists from job or sales requirements
  • Use cycle counting to improve stock accuracy
  • Generate reports for stock receipts, inventory valuation, transaction details by item and more

Mold Management

  • Use efficient tools to track operation schedules, production costs and work center and machine information
  • Use molds and formulas to plan production
  • Monitor product status by materials and machines
  • Use mold orders to manage material issue
  • Create and access reports for product/materials registration forms, operations specifications forms, indented production costs, BOM comparisons, engineering changes and more


  • Easily manage different lot sizes and pricing within a single order
  • Maintain supplier’s product catalogs and price lists
  • Handle taxation, discounts and foreign currencies at the transaction level
  • Track deposits and manage multiple and partial receipts
  • Support purchase returns and reorders
  • Define and control buyer authorities
  • Create reports for purchase requisitions, orders and inspection forms

ACCPAC Interface

  • Compatible with ACCPAC 4.2 and higher
  • Avoid work duplication by using data files directly
  • Track export history with the rollback function

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