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– Cyetek Medium Business ERP Review

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Free trial. Pricing begins at $99 a month.



Customer Focus

Cyetek primarily works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of CRM, fixed asset management, accounting, manufacturing, time tracking, wholesale, and distribution.

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Cyetek Medium Business ERP

- Cyetek Medium Business ERP Cyetek Medium Business ERP provides you with complete control and visibility over your medium-sized business. This modular software comes with over a dozen modules to manage your business’s sales, purchasing, POS, inventory, marketing, accounting, CRM, and internal communications operations. Ultimately, this software should automate and streamline your business’s workflows, all while lowering your costs.

About Cyetek
Founded in 2011, Cyetek is headquartered in New Zealand. The company provides POS, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, hosting, and web design services.

Cyetek Medium Business ERP Features

  • Mid-sized business ERP system
  • Tracks and controls order processes for all business operations
  • Default functions include sales, POS, reporting, internal communications, inventory, purchasing, marketing, accounting, and task management
  • All of the default modules are full-featured and require no add-ons
  • Supports between one to ten users
  • Completely manages the entire customer life cycle

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