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– Echopass Hosted Call Center Review

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Echopass Hosted Call Center is a SaaS solution.

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About Echopass Hosted Call Center

- Echopass Hosted Call CenterEchopass Hosted Call Center integrates routing and workforce management applications into one solution for delivery to desktop agent softphones, with single-view reporting, management and administration. All offerings are enterprise based and offer a single, scalable solution.

About Echopass
Echopass offers contact center software on the cloud. Echopass solutions are fully integrated and scalable, with no capital investment or maintenance required.

Echopass Hosted Call Center Key Features

  • Supports all outbound and inbound services ex: voice, SMS/text, etc.
  • Echopass datacenters reduce contact center deployment complexity
  • Complies with industry standards like HIPAA, PCI,
  • All applications are backed by SLAs
  • Agent voicemail, scripting and IP softphone
  • Agent/skill based routing, data driven routing, business rules based routing and more
  • Monitor calls, analytics and full time recording

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