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$799 for unlimited users and free upgrades


On-Premise and Software-as-a-Service

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Small to mid-size businesses, Enterprise

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Jitbit Help Desk

- Jitbit Help DeskJitbit Help Desk, offered in self-hosted and SaaS versions, is a customer support solution for managing helpdesk tickets. It allows your company to track support tickets, deal with customer issues, monitor customer feedback, and handle all communications with its two-way seamless integration into your email system. Other useful features include the ability to attach files to tickets or emails, built-in asset management, and definable user roles and permissions.

Whereas many competitors offering web-based help desk solutions charge customers per-user price, Jitbit Help Desk can be purchased for a fixed amount no matter how many users you might have or need. This is because it is the downloadable, self-hosted version of the software. As an alternative, Jitbit offers a hosted SaaS version for organizations that don’t want to worry about implementing upgrades and managing a local server.

About Jitbit
Jitbit Software is based in London and started out creating business software in 2005. It continues as a private entity operating as a close-knit unit that prides itself on being friendly, stable, fast and completely customer-centric. They also offer CRM and knowledge base products among many others.

Jitbit Help Desk Key Features

  • 2-way Email integration (POP/IMAP/SMTP)
  • Unlimited users for a fixed price, plus free upgrades
  • Ability to attach documents and screenshots to tickets
  • Built-in knowledge base and report templates, exportable to Excel
  • Security via different user roles and permissions
  • Generate a widget and integrate into your website easily

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