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Live2Support Live Chat Review

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15 days free trial. basic price start from $9.99/month. Different packages are available (Bronze, Silver and Gold)


Live2Support Live Chat is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Live2Support works with companies of all sizes.

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About Live2Support Live Chat

Live2Support Live Chat Live2Support live chat software provides online customer support to organizations around the world with an Internet presence. The company’s live help software has been developed to address the needs of multiple segments of various online communities and e-commerce enterprises including banking, insurance, education, shopping, counseling and others by acting as a two-way communication conduit between site visitors and online enterprises. Advanced-level customization capabilities facilitate the use of the corporate logo, signage, fonts, colors and the strategic positioning of the chat window on web pages thus enabling businesses to give a personalized look and feel to live chat interactions with customers. The live chat software’s flexibility and versatility allows companies to tailor independent and separate chat windows for departments such as sales, product promotions, technical support, billing and customer service departments. Live2Support’s live support application generates detailed chat transcripts. This enables companies to use these transcripts to conduct market research, develop customer profiles, train chat operators and evaluate chat operator performance.

About Live2Support
Live2support was formed in 2003 by a small group of professionals, with the vision of providing affordable live chat solution software to businesses. Live2support Inc is serving organizations across industries globally with main competency in online conversion management. Live2Support! Live Chat Software application, is a simple plug and play hosted service and does not require any software installation or IT expertise.

Live2Support Live Chat Key Features

  • Real time traffic Monitoring
  • Get Visitors Geo Location
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customized visitor Chat window and Chat Icon
  • Complete Visitor Statistics Log
  • File Transfer during chat
  • Call Back & Call Back History
  • Canned Message for Faster Reply
  • Saved chat history to track previous conversations
  • Web Based Interface
  • Post Chat Survey
  • Multiple language support
  • iPhone and Android mobile interface
  • CRM, CMS and E-commerce Integration
  • Hits Log
  • Multi platform support
  • Built-in admin interface
  • Chat transfer facility between agents
  • Online / offline status message
  • Typing indicator

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  • Jeniffer Maben helped me enough to pick some right marketing tools. Lots of reviews I read before finally subscribed to Live2Support but this review helped to efficiently.

  • Charley Luciana

    I am using this product for last 6 years and is a loyal customer of live2support. I have observed a 36 % jump in my online sales conversion by using this live chat service on my website. The most admirable feature of this service is the completely customized chat window of it. I placed my company logo on it and get more brand recognition. Similarly the use of footprints helps me to frame more targeted solutions for my website visiting customer. I am in no doubt that by creatively using the functionality and feature of this product can help to boost my sales conversion rate to 42%

  • Angie Lauryn

    As consumer preference
    for using live chat is increasing the number of businesses adding it to their
    channel mix is also on rise. Live2Support has helped our organizations to
    achieve this objective. It offers an
    efficient, low cost customer support option that’s appealing to organization.
    Through its customizability it completely adapts to channel customer experience
    vision. It affords the opportunity to convert casual browsers into paying
    customers and provide a convenient avenue for assistance to those what to opt
    for self service.

  • Edward Jean

    As a user for the
    last 6 years for Live2support service I can say that this is the one of the
    best product in market. The comprehensive information that it provide about the
    customer and the customization of the visitor chat window create a great
    experience for the product.

  • Steven Martin

    myself am using live chat software from live2support. There are many features
    which increase the usability of the live chat service. Customization of live
    chat window is something that can create right brand value for the
    organization. Besides that the extensive customer information provided by the
    visitor monitoring window can help us to make the targeted responses. I am
    using the live2support live chat service from last 6 years and have increased
    my online sales conversion rate by 36 %.

  • Subodh Bhatt

    Live2Support Live chat solution is a cost effective solution to initiate interaction with website visitors and provide strong functionality to get them convert into a paid customers. its functionality loaded operator chat window provided the support operator opportunity to respond to the queries quickly providing maximum chances for online sales conversion.

  • David harlai

    Live2Support extensive agent tools of canned
    responses, push URL, Snapshot, Co browsing, and callback provide efficient and
    effective chat response with unique customer support experience. It has
    extensive third party integration with comprehensive reporting to track support
    agent and channel utilization efficiency. Besides that it provides personalized
    deployment services, 24/7 support and best data security