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NTR Cloud Review

Product Snapshot


NTR Cloud is a cloud-based solution

Customer Focus

NTR Cloud is focused on working with companies of all sizes in many different industries such as education, government, retail and technology.

Select Customers

Cerner, ConnectWise, DHL, Diametal, Disashop

About NTR Cloud

NTR Cloud NTR Cloud provides IT managers and managed service providers with a collection of capabilities to enable them to adapt to changing business needs and budgets. NTR Cloud boosts service desk productivity by providing companies with multilevel security that secures all phases of the remote support delivery chain, from login authentication to communication travel. NTR Cloud is a product of NTRglobal, a help desk and device management solution provider. NTRglobal has customers in over 60 countries that depend on their modular help desk and ITSM solutions to manage hundreds of thousands of devices worldwide.

NTR Cloud Key Features

  • Assets
  • Remote Desktop
  • Ticketing
  • Chat
  • Reporting
  • Advanced Users
  • Events
  • Configuration Management
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