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SysAid IT Help Desk Review

Product Snapshot


SysAid IT Help Desk is a web-based solution with both installable on-premise and cloud-hosted SaaS versions.

Customer Focus

Small Business, Mid-Size Business, Enterprise, Multi-National Enterprise

Select Customers

Coca-Cola, Toys R Us, Cisco, McDonald’s, Ipsen, Domino’s Pizza

About SysAid IT Help Desk

SysAid IT Help DeskSysAid IT Help Desk is a web-based solution for IT departments. The services it provides include systems monitoring, service desk automation, and automatic inventory tracking.

About SysAid Technologies
SysAid Technologies was founded in 2002 by Israel Lifshitz as a provider of IT help desk solutions scalable to suit organizations of any size. The company places a large emphasis on high quality service and support for their products, and regularly offers webinars, training classes, and onsite services for clients using their solutions.

SysAid IT Help Desk Key Features

  • Help desk interface
  • Asset management
  • Remote control channels
  • Modular upgrades
  • System integration
  • Full customization
  • Full support options
  • Network element life-cycle monitoring
  • SLA management tools
  • Integrated live chat function

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