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Consona Acquires ERP Provider Comspiere

Yesterday, Consona Corporation announced its acquisition of Compiere Inc., an open-source, cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) software provider. Term details are undisclosed.

Compiere is a unique gain – a leader in open source ERP. It is the alternative to traditional, proprietary ERP applications. Compiere is well-appreciated for its flexibility; the company readily tailors the program to its users. It maintains this convenience along with fast upgradeability. The company claims to save user’s money through these support cost reductions. Perhaps here is an example of open source success.

“The primary market of the Compiere business is in distribution, making it a natural extension to our core competency in discrete manufacturing for small and midsize manufacturers,” said Scott Malia, general manager of Consona’s ERP Products.

Malia also stated that Consona will maintain and further develop Compiere’s three ERP product models. They will stay consistent with Compiere’s business strategy, including the open source nature of the company. The acquisition is part of Consona’s interest in becoming competitive in cloud-based ERP.

Jeff Tognoni, CEO of Consona Coporation, lauds Compiere as a combination of the best of on-premise and cloud ERP: “Until Compiere, ERP customers had to choose between either deeply customizable on-premise ERP applications that pose upgrade restrictions or generic, lightly configurable SaaS solutions where upgrades are done behind the scenes and on the vendor’s schedule. We believe the Compiere architecture represents a third way: deep customization without the costly and arduous upgrade cycle.”

[Photo courtesy of opencodez.]