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DROID Incredible Suits Up for Work

This blog post is dedicated to the DROID Incredible. The DROID Incredible is the newest addition to the Android family and is now available on Verizon’s 3G network. Although not designed to be a business software product, it is well-equipped for the business user. The Incredible offers business users an enterprise-grade security system and always-on connectivity, among other things.

DROID Incredible uses Exchange ActiveSync which provides optimal security when accessing e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks remotely. Of course there are other features that business and non-business users alike can appreciate. Like the 8.0 megapixel camera with video capture, and the WiFi capability with voice and data support.

What else makes the Incredible so Incredible?

The DROID Incredible can also be customized to your specific business needs with the plethora of applications in the Android Market. Business users can access real time information right from their DROID, including:

  • Financial Data– Applications like Pfinance and Google Finance allow users to track market stocks, portfolios and news.
  • Medical References- Medical workers can access patient diagnosis support on hand with Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary or applications like Neph Calc and Gk Calc, both by OxMD Medical Software.
  • Productivity Apps- Access your CRM tools on-the-go with apps like or Documents to Go2.0. With remote access to information, employees will be productive no matter where they are.

Although there are several mobile devices out there that support business applications, the DROID Incredible is an ideal platform because of its high quality security system. Enterprise users can conduct business safely and efficiently with the incredible DROID Incredible.

DROID Incredible is available online at