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MicroStrategy Chooses iPads over Laptops

MicroStrategy, a maker of business intelligence software, has announced that they have deployed approximately 1,100 iPads to employees, and it expects to deploy around 700 more. With this announcement, MicroStrategy has solidified themselves as one of the largest users of iPads for business.

MicroStrategy has several reasons for choosing the iPad over laptops. Sales personnel are able to fully leverage the iPad’s large screen size to show videos or give live presentations during meetings. Additionaly, the iPad has the instant –on capability, which means that there is no wait time to boot up the hardware like with a laptop. This enables users to give presentations faster and to increase their overall work productivity.

Finally, cost of ownership for the iPad is significantly lower than that of a laptop. Mark LaRow, senior VP of products for MicroStrategy, said that the cost of mainting laptops is around $1,000 per year for each laptop over a three-year life expectancy. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad would just cost $400 per year with a two year life expectancy. Some people may argue that the iPad makes it more difficult to draft long documents, but LaRow stated that he and his company use Bluetooth keyboards to remedy this problem.

Overall, MicroStrategy has seen a slew of internal benefits since deploying iPads in the enterprise. They are able to quickly review and approve requests, and with the increased mobility of the iPad, there has been a huge boost to the productivity of employees. Clearly, there are many benefits in choosing the iPad for business use, and it is only a matter of time before more organizations begin to follow suit.

[Photo courtesy of gradeslam.]