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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.



– Troppus Digital LifeSupport Review

Product Snapshot


Product runs on a SaaS platform.

Customer Focus

Product is designed to meet the needs of call center agents that provide support to end users.

About Troppus Digital LifeSupport

- Troppus Digital LifeSupportTroppus Digital LifeSupport helps your business reduce the costs associated with customer care and technical support through intelligent self-help, real-time sharing, multi-faceted messaging and a consolidated dashboard. Troppus Digital LifeSupport reduces the complexity and cost of providing technical support with features such as one-click fixes, multi-media chat, message queuing and a single integrated interface to solve problems efficiently. Digital LifeSupport is provided by Troppus Software Corporation, a consumer technologies vendor. Troppus Software Corporation is a software and services company of EchoStar Corporation, a global provider of satellite operations and videos delivery solutions.

Troppus Digital LifeSupport Key Features

  • Article Rating and Usage
  • System Configuration and Data
  • User Behavior/Pattern
  • Incident Reporting and Tracking
  • Potential Solution Creation and Distribution
  • Incident Management Tracking
  • One-Click Resolution
  • Intelligent Self-Help
  • Integrated and Consolidated Agent Dashboard
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