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10 Free SEO Tools Every Online Marketer Needs

10 Free SEO Tools Every Online Marketer Needs

Looking for SEO tools that’ll optimize your company’s website’s performance is sometimes tricky. In some cases, companies will find tools that come with a steep price. High prices shouldn’t stop your business from investing even if the budget is tight. Having the proper SEO guidance and help is essential for any business. Finding the right tools can have a significant, positive impact on your company’s digital visibility and SEO efforts. If you haven’t already, set aside some time for tool exploration. It may take time, effort and research but a comprehensive platform of quality will better optimize your company’s domain is an investment well spent. Here are the top 10 SEO tools that are budget-friendly and will help your company’s visibility.


Screaming Frog

screaming-frog-crawler-logoScreaming Frog, also known as SEO Spider, is a tool that helps with any technical issues in the backend. This free software allows you to audit your site and find any technical errors that are harming your company’s SEO. In addition, Screaming Frog can help your business identify broken links, discover duplicate content and help you audit your redirects.



jO9_m0yB_400x400One feature that shouldn’t be overlooked that concerns a company’s SEO score are the use of keywords. Keywords is a very important SEO tool that can organically garner page views through simple Google searches. Ubersuggest is a tool that helps you generate keywords based on Google searches and autocompletes. The platform gives your company’s specific keyword suggestions that your team can target, achieve more click counts and increase your company’s website vistorship.



CeACJ4lnKWFinder helps you find long-tail keywords with minimal SEO competition. With this tool, you can receive Google search traffic data, cost-per-click info and SEO difficulty scores. Unfortunately, you are limited to five searches a day for the free version but each of these searches can yield up to 50 results.


Link Redirect Trace Extension

tumblr_mog1ed3eWb1svlv8bo1_1280Link Redirect Trace extension is a free Chrome extension which helps companies check that all redirects are working correctly and efficiently. This tool can help you find and fix slow redirects, analyze redirect hops, identify on-page SEO issues and even check your competitor’s links. If you use link redirect trace extension (which can easily be downloaded as a Chrome extension), you can take an active role in monitoring your redirect score and solve any problem that might hurt your site’s reputation.


SEO Analyzer

qkYJ_F6NSEO Analyzer focuses on diagnosing problems with your site. It’s essentially an overview of your site’s SEO performance and you can even find out what your top keywords are. Moreover, the tool is used to analyze your site’s social media ranking, meta tags, usability and speed.


Panguin Tool

ZlyoRwSPanguin is an analysis tool that identifies problems within your websites, especially ones that stem from recent Google Panda and Penguin updates. Panguin looks at your business’ Google Analytics overall performance and information and analyzes your organic traffic only. This helps prevent penalties, which will hurt your site’s visibility.


SEO Spyglass

ssg-136Backlinks are incoming links from outside websites and SEO Spyglass is a great tool to use to get more information on competitive backlinks, as well as your own. With this tool, you can find out your backlink profile as well as identify the origins of your competitor’s backlinks.


Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz-Medium-Blue-LogoThe Open Site Explorer from Moz analyzes the backlinks and your site’s authority. It can identify your top pages and can give you insight on your performance through a variety of metrics, including how well your incoming links and linking domains are working.


Varvy SEO Tool

varvy-logoVarvy SEO Tool provides free helpful information and SEO resources for companies looking to better their overall performance. This tool will give you great analysis as to diagnosing problems that lie in image optimization, content optimization and technological issues.



Tineye_Logo.svgIf you’re interested in image search SEO strategies, TinEye is a free program that you can reverse image search any image. This information will allow you to find out how often an image has spread across the internet.


Explore SEO Tools

There are a plethora of tools out in the market that are not only free but will tremendously help your company’s SEO efforts without breaking the bank. Take the time, research and find the ones that best suit you and your company’s needs. With the majority of business being handled online, SEO becomes more important than ever. These applications shouldn’t get overlooked.

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10 Free SEO Tools Every Online Marketer Needs
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