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Cisco Web Conferencing Saves Businesses Money in Training Process

Training is an expensive, but necessary, part of the business process. Many companies are trying to cut down the costs while optimizing the efficiency of training by using web conferencing solutions, such as Cisco’s WebEx Center. Web conferencing solutions are on the rise as an option for training because organizations can train everyone at once, without geography being a concern.

Training is a big hassle because it is necessary for business productivity, but it can be unpredictable, time-consuming and pricey. Increasing training efficiency can be difficult. The Managing Director for Cisco WebEx, Kiran Datar, commented on the difficulties of training. He said, “The cost of delivering training to partners, employees, and customers has been high but perceived as necessary: travel, limited geographic reach, and the challenge of bringing additional subject matter experts into the classroom were obstacles to be across. Thus training organizations traditionally have delivered the best possible results ‘under the circumstances’, often with the distraction of side issues (logistics and cost) that blocked the ability to focus on what was best for both trainers and learners, as well as the entire business.”

Reach More People with Web Conferencing

To solve all of these problems, businesses are using web conferencing. While web conferencing solutions have been around for many years, they have only increased in popularity recently as more and more organizations are realizing the many uses of video conferencing. Companies are using live web-based events to train incoming employees. This requires fewer resources and allows the training leader to be in a different place than the trainees.

The online training process is beneficial because organizations can get more things done with fewer resources. They do not need to fly in experts anymore so travel costs can be eliminated. On-site training sessions allow trainers to teach five times as many people as opposed to in-person training seminars.

Training does not have to be a necessary evil anymore with the presence of web conferencing. Cisco’s WebEx Meeting is free to attend so it allows companies to remain cost-conscious and save money where it counts.

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